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YUM! I had been craving liver lately and this indonesian recipe was the only was I could get BF to have it (he thought the sauce tasted great and the liver flavour to be not too strong, which is a lot from the liver hater he is...) We used 1 1/2 pound veal liver, 2 cups low fat coconut milk, 3 lime leaves, 1 1/2 tbsp frozen chopped lemongrass. We started with 2 seeded chili peppers in the paste and added a little powdered cayenne pepper at the end to adjust - I just think it's easier to add than to remove... We were too lazy to go to the thai market to get the galangal, so we used altogether a 1 cube inch piece of ginger (the recipe is not very clear about the ginger amount) and dried turmeric. Served it over cooked quinoa (I know, so not authentic, but I love quinoa and it has a greater nutritional value than couscous or rice). Thank you for this unusal and very good recipe!

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Anne La Quebecoise January 26, 2006

This Liver recipe is very unique, spicy and tasty I do not think it will be to everyones liking but I think it is wonderful! I had to do some substituting due to availability of ingredients - I used dried Kaffir lime leaves & 1 tbsp dried Lemongrass. I did not have galangal so I added an additional tsp of dried ginger -I used 4 Serrano chili peppers with seeds in. Followed the recipes steps exactly resulting in a wonderful spicy new dimension to liver. Served over Cous-Cous with sliced banana on the side. When I make this again I hope to have galangal but I doubt it can be much better than this Thanks Pets'R'us for a recipe that will be a regular treat when I want spicy

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Bergy February 18, 2004
Indonesian Liver ( Beef, Chicken or Pork )