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The chicken had an exotic flavor that reminded me of an Indian type of curry with a predominance of turmeric in the flavoring. It went well with the green beans. A choice condiment to go with this (to make it nicely Indonesian) was Sriracha sauce, or a nice chile pate, the fieryness of which brought out the flavors even more. Thanks for a great dish!

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Sue Lau March 25, 2003

While the ingredient list appears to have a lot going on in this dish, both DH & I found the finished product to be surprisingly bland and felt it needed something to wake up the flavors. Thank you Geema for sharing the recipe.

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BonnieZ May 27, 2005

Good. A hearty & fairly healthy combination of chicken and green beans with clear, easy to follow instructions. Unfortunately, I found the flavor of the sauce to be too sour. After sampling the finished sauce prepared according to the instructions, I decided to try adjusting the seasonings -adding a bit more sugar, etc. I even tried adding a drizzle of Asian sesame oil as a condiment. This helped some, but I still found the taste to be overly of lime juice and it overpowered the dish for me. I am sorry - perhaps others will enjoy this more, but this just didn't work out for us as well I had expected.

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HeatherFeather March 26, 2003
Indonesian Garlic Chicken