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Delicious! I altered the recipe very slightly - used fresh turmeric (just because I had some), added half a can of chopped tomatoes purees in blender rather than tomato sauce and only added the lime juice and cilantro (coriander) at the end because I prefer them to give a freshness. I'd definitely recommend the recipe, different to anything id had before.

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Vicky M. November 15, 2015

Holly Cow!!! This is spicy...hubby ate everything on his plate...I found that 6-7 bites was plenty for me...it has a really intense flavor...I used the ginger...and served it over white rice...this is a dish that everyone needs to make at least once...keep in mind that turmeric will stain...ask me how I know...oh...I thought I had macadamia nuts...but no they were hazelnuts...worked great really didn't taste them but it gave the dish a nice crunch...thanks for posting it...=)

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teresas January 08, 2014

Wow, this is an excellent curry!!! I used less chicken than directed but all the sauce, we like sauce :) So much flavour, this is deeply satisfying, I'll be making this often! I couldnt get the galangal, I'll keep looking, in the meantime used ginger. I really enjoyed the complexities of taste here, and I also enjoyed that it was quickly prepared, an excellent meal for any time of the week. I did use white rice, because we prefer it. Thank you rp, excellent recipe, made for PRMR tag game

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Karen Elizabeth April 05, 2013
Indonesian Chicken in Galangal-Tomato Sauce