Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is a versatile sauce you can use on meats, vegs. and tofu. Good for a marinade and a basting sauce.


  1. Mix thoroughly and allow flavors to blend for at least one hour.
  2. You may use this on meat, tofu, vegs.
  3. Use for marinade and basting sauce.
Most Helpful

I loved the flavor and aroma of this sauce. Like Chia, I didn't have good luck with this on the grill but the flavor really burst through when I baked the meat instead. It was great!

ratwoman June 01, 2004

This is so good! I have passed by recipes like this with peanut butter in them because I foolishly thought peanut butter was only for cookies and other baked goods. Was I wrong! The blend of flavours in this is wonderful! I used it to baste a boneless chicken breast in the oven at 350F. I put it on one of those disposable foil pie plates (just in case it burnt.) I lightly oiled the pie plate. Although some of it baked onto the dish, it didn't burn. I used less dried red pepper than recommended. I will use the full amount next time. I didn't use ginger-didn't have any. Thanks for a great recipe!

cuisinebymae March 18, 2004

this is thick and sweet and i think it is better served as a dipping a marinade, it burnt quickly on the grill over medium heat when i cooked a london broil. probably because of the high sugar content. but it did have a good flavor. i used sambal olek instead of pepper flakes.

chia June 20, 2003