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This is a good recipe but did not turn out how it should have taste-wise when cooked in the microwave. I made this on 2 different occasions; once on the stove top and the other in the microwave. The main thing that you got to understand with any recipe that uses ginger and garlic pastes is to SAUTE THE PASTE REALLY WELL in oil/ghee{whatever the fat you use}. If this is not done well, then the whole recipe is a failure. This happened with me for this recipe. You have stated in the recipe to microwave the paste for 2 minutes on HIGH. 2 minutes is way TOO LESS!!!!! This needs to be sauteed for atleast 8 to 10 minutes on medium flame when cooked on the stove top. Microwave this until it becomes almost dry and the raw smell of this is gone. Since I had not sauteed it enough, when I finished cooking this cauliflower curry and served it, it burnt terribly in the chests of those who ate it. Everyone had to drink so much water to feel better. Things like biscuits and cookies had to be served to change the taste of "uncooked ginger garlic paste" in the mouth. I will make this again, but tis time with extra care and by ensuring that the ginger and garlic pastes are well sauteed in the pot. It is important to add the cauliflower to the pot only once the paste is dry and really well sauteed. Will make again, Insha-Allah!

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Charishma_Ramchandani December 03, 2004
Indo Thai Cauliflower Curry