Individual Strawberry-Orange Baked Oatmeal

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 30 mins

Not only do the strawberry and orange pieces make this baked oatmeal taste wonderful, but they also stud the pale oatmeal with a wonderful deep red. My main complaint with baked oatmeal is the excess amount of sugar added, making it taste more like dessert. This oatmeal is only slightly sweet, with the option of adding additional honey to drizzle on top. The individual serving size is quite small (which allows one to enjoy the oatmeal with toast, fruit and milk for a complete, healthy breakfast) but the individual aspect also makes it quite pretty. Created for RSC #11.

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. In a medium bowl add oats, oat bran, and ground flax.
  2. Zest the peel of one whole blood orange and add zest to the medium bowl. Cut the orange in half width wise (like you would a grapefruit). Run your knife around the fruit just inside the peel of the orange. Then cut along the membranes of the fruit sections. Scoop out the orange sections (ie the pulp only) with a spoon and add orange sections to the bowl. Squeeze out the juice remaining in the now fruitless orange halves into the bowl as well.
  3. Add chopped strawberries, honey, brandy extract, egg and milk into the bowl, stir until well mixed.
  4. Spray out 4 individual ramekin dishes (5oz) with cooking spray and equally divide oatmeal into the 4 dishes.
  5. Bake for 350F for 25-35 minutes. Oatmeal will be golden brown around the edges and will poof up slightly. Enjoy!
Most Helpful

I really liked the flavors here and the added nutritional benefits. The sweetness was fine for me, but I do think most people would want more than I do. I made this right after reading the recipe, so I had to leave out (didn't have any) flax seeds, and sub almond for the brandy extract. I baked this in a loaf pan instead of ramekins, and it worked fine. Keeping with the almond theme, I topped this with toasted sliced almonds, they went very well with it. Serves 2 if it is a main, not side dish. Yummy breakfast!

Maito April 22, 2008

Not a pretty dish but filling and healthy! I used steel cut oats adding 1 extra cup of milk. Love the burst of orange and the sweetness from the strawberries and honey. The top was crisp and the inside was creamy good. I made it in one dish. Thanks for good healthy eats!

Rita~ February 23, 2008

While I agree that baked oatmeal typcically has far too much sugar, I think this recipe was too extreme in the other direction. I also didn't care for blood orange zest. Without some sweetness for offset, the large amount of zest made the overall recipe too tart in my opinion. 2 family members wouldn't eat it, DH doused it with extra honey, and I sprinkled on some cinnamon-sugar.

Ms*Bindy February 22, 2008