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These little cheesecakes were fantastic. I was looking for something that my kids could help make because they seem interested in cooking right now. This was perfect. Very easy and sooooo delicious. Had a wonderful creamy texture and the oreo at the bottom made a great crust. Thanks for posting this recipe.

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ainsleydoll February 14, 2003

This was soo quick and easy, besides that, they were very nice. I had some friends over for dinner, I made a meal for which I normally serve fruit as dessert, but knowing they are dessert freaks this seemed a good solution. I split the recipe in three, easy when you look at the ingredients. Had 5 mini cheese cakes which everbody loved! I crushed the Oreo's and I added some vanilla extract.

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Pets'R'us January 19, 2003

I made these for dessert for a corn beef and cabbage supper at my church. In keeping with the St Patrick's Day theme, I used the mint Oreo cookies (crushed) and used green food coloring in the whipped cream for the topping. Personally I found these to be a little too sweet for my taste but they were decorative enough for a large crowd.

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sydney2462 March 19, 2003

Delicious. I made some modifications. (I didn't have enough oreos for 24 cupcakes...I only had 6 so I just made one third of the recipe instead). Instead of using the whole oreo sandwich at the bottom, I just separated each oreo, scraped the cream off, and used each oreo half in the bottom of the cupcake liners(ended up getting 8 cupckaes that way). With the remaining oreos (about 4 oreos), I crushed them and mixed them into the cream cheese mixture. I also added vanilla into the cream cheese mixture. I spooned about a tablespoon of cream cheese mixture into each cupcake liner and baked for 17 minutes. It was fantastic. I gave it 4 stars because it definitely needs the vanilla. To save some time, there's no need to crush the oreos to make the bottom crust, after baking, the oreo at the bottom of the cupcake liner softens up quite nicely, and is delicious (it doesn't stay crunchy at all). Next time I will make this using the full recipe. Highly recommended.

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Fofi February 16, 2005

Thanks, Stacylu, for a great recipe!! These were a breeze to make. I made them for a sunday afternoon ladies get-together and everyone thought they looked and tasted great. I did'nt use the whipped cream but drizzled a little chocolate over the cream cheese mixture. They looked very professional. The only 'problem' I had if you could call it that, was I got about 36 cheesecakes, instead of 24. Thanks again. I'll be making these again.

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bert April 29, 2003

I used dulce de leche cookies instead of oreo's with a graham cracker crust. I crushed half of the pack of cookies and put inside of the batter. I did use 1 cup of brown sugar and a 1/4 cup of white sugar.

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The Real Cake Baker January 12, 2015

I downloaded this recipe 10 years ago and just ran across it recently. Frankly, I was disappointed in the lack of flavor, even biting into the cookie at the bottom. It seemed as though the cheesecake part was just too bland. Instead of the drizzled chocolate I'm going try cherry pie filling as a topping. However it was definitely quick and easy to make.

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dee williams August 23, 2013

I'll admit. I was skeptical. Cheesecake......... that's supposed to be complicated isn't it? No no fancy flavouring? No crust to bake? I've been converted. This was simple .. I mean REALLY simple. And really good. I was too lazy to melt chocolate for the top (seems to be a theme in my world) and just shot a little whipping cream on the top (yes from a can) and sprinkled with some chocolate wafer crumbs. They looked great and, seriously, were really good. BTW - did add 1 tsp vanilla like some people in the reviews mentioned. Because, hey, you can't go wrong with vanilla can you?

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tammydeg October 30, 2012

Delicious! I followed the directions except for that I omitted the melted chocolate chip topping and didn't use whipped cream. Instead I spooned cherry preserves over the finished, cooled cupcakes just before serving. I'll definitely be making these again. Thanks for sharing.

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jo_mama May 18, 2010

these were so simple to make! used sugar free/fat free everything.....tasted great! easy to handle treat for kids! the oreo in the bottom was a cool surprise for them!

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ddmcg00001 April 12, 2009
Individual Oreo Cheesecake