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This is a decadent dessert in a diet-friendly size (but try eating just one)! We loved this recipe, especially my husband. I used a chocolate cake mix and decided to leave off the cherries. I was also out of sour cream, so I left off the topping. I have only one regular-size muffin tin, so I used a min-muffin tin for the remaining mixture, baking that tin just over 10 minutes. Next time I'll make sure I have sour cream for the topping (and a second regular-sized muffin tin). I also think I'll make the chocolate crust and top with a little orange marmelade.

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Gunslinger's Wife June 10, 2008

This is a most excellant recipe! I used Duncan Hines Devils Food Cake mix which my husband said made it so good. I made 24 mini cheesecakes and had enough left over to make a 9" pie though I had to make more extra topping for the pie. It's the best cheesecake I've ever made and so easy to come together. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe!! I am certain I will be making this recipe many times in the future.

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Marsha D. December 27, 2012

This recipe is a cheesecake lovers dream in a little cup. Followed the recipe to the letter. The little cakes disappeared with in minutes! DELICIOUS.

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Scooterskitten July 25, 2011

So good. When people bit into these they got tiny surprises of yummy chocolate cake. I didn't put the sour cream on top, just the cherries. See my photo of 1 doz. of them in a round circle. We love cheesecake, chocolate and cherries so I knew these would be a hit. I rated only 4 stars because some of the cake centers were a bit dry. I think they need a T. or 1 1/2 T. of milk to add to the cake mixture. Plus, I still have half a batch of cake mix left. If you do these, use only half the cake mix and leave the rest to make cupcakes or more of these.

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958109 October 03, 2008

Thanks for a great recipe! I used the devil's food cake mix so the crust was like a chocolate wafer crust - not cakelike. And the bit of sourcream on top of the cheesecake is very tasty. Easy recipe to follow - one I'll be making again!

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KLV April 24, 2006

Followed the recipe as written (using the yellow cake mix), and these are just delicious!! I have tried several recipes for individual cheesecakes, but this one is different than the rest. The proportion of regular cake to cheesecake makes them like little coffeecakes, and I think they would be nice to serve for a brunch, as well as for dessert. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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GaylaJ September 17, 2005
Individual Mini Cherry Cheesecake Cups