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Before I get into my critique, please know that we loved the flavor of these. The coffee was great, Dutch cocoa a must and the sour cream made for a very tender cake. The glaze is TDF good, a fudgy smooth consistency, and even DH who doesn't like coconut thought the shredded coconut on top was perfect. So, for taste we all would agree on a definite 5 stars. :) My concern is that the recipe could benefit from some modifications & clarifications. The first thing I would want to point out is that the recipe as printed doesn't make just "large" cupcakes. It will make JUMBO cupcakes. I don't have a jumbo pan so I would have cut the recipe down had I known before hand. Instead I ended up making 36 regular sized cupcakes & because they had to be cooled in the pan before removing to wire rack (& because of the cakes' texture, this was in fact necessary) it took 3 hours just to bake all 36 cakes (2 days from start to finish). As far as the recipe, I think there is much too much butter. So much that the muffin tins felt as if I'd greased them before putting the paper liners in, but I didn't. I also think the amount of sugar called for is overkill. They didn't taste overly sweet, but the tops of the cakes are nearly caramelized. The butter sank to the bottom & made the cake greasy while the sugar floated to the top & turned into a sticky candy coating. Removing the cakes from the pan &/or removing the paper liners without tearing the entire top of the cake was a very slow & tedious process. I did enough to get a satisfactory photo but will just let everyone remove their own now. :) Again, this recipe is worth the effort in flavor & we would give 5 stars for that. Thanks for sharing, my3bb! Made for ZWT5-Ali Baba's Babes. UPDATE: It's been 4 days since I made these & they've been sitting out on the counter the whole time (not covered or sealed). I just finished eating one & cannot believe that it's still SO GOOD! They're not greasy anymore & still aren't dried out. The cake is still moist & only just approaching the "day old" stage around the top edge that isn't in paper or covered in frosting. The frosting is like biting into a rich, creamy fudge & was such a nice surprise. I'm tempted to say that making these a day or two ahead of an event would be just perfect as far as their aging to perfection & the convenience of being able to make a baked good ahead. :)

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**Tinkerbell** June 10, 2009
Individual Chocolate Cakes With Chocolate Coconut Glaze