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We really enjoyed these unusual and tasty stuffed peppers! The potato filling was delicious on its own but the sauce really brought this to another level. I used 1/2 tsp ground cardamom for the pods and used light coconut milk with excellent results. Thanks for sharing a great recipe!

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loof June 12, 2013

These peppers are not for the faint in pallet, rather they would suit those who like allot of flavor. They are exotic and different from the traditional stuffed peppers. The stuffing is quite nice and could be eaten on it's own, but stuffing them into the peppers did enhance them. I struggled somewhat with the flavors in the sauce as I found that 6 cardamon pods where too many and overwhelmed the other flavors, so to correct this I strained the sauce to be able to remove the cardamon pieces. I also softened the flavors in the sauce by adding extra coconut milk, a little water and about a tsp. of sugar, otherwise I found it to be too sharp. Though the recipe didn't instruct to remove the outer cardamon pod, I did so because I believe they wouldn't cook through and would be woody. Overall this is a nice dish, though I had to tweak the sauce to smooth-out flavors. On it's own these are great as a main and side-dish. I had fun making these as it transported my family and I to the flavors of India. Made it for "Please Review My Recipe" tag game.

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ForeverMama February 23, 2013
Indian Stuffed Peppers