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Thank you for a perfectly great recipe Varsha! I followed love4culinary's suggestion and grated the carrot, substituted the mango powder with orange sauce and left out the cilantro as I didn't have any at hand. Based on the reviews I made a double batch and froze some and am I glad I did that! These patties are great for emergencies when we get home late and need something good to eat fast! THANKS!

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Vaane February 11, 2007

These patties are just delicious. Next time I will put the potatoes through a ricer or mash them by hand however, since the processor makes them gluey. Everything else can go in the processor and then be mixed in with the potatoes by hand. I used about 3/4 tsp. salt and that seems to be about right for us. Also added some chopped scallion. After forming the patties I coated them with Panko bread crumbs for an extra crispy coating. The creamy insides and crispy coating make a wonderful contrast and the flavor is just so good. The scallion and cilantro add freshness to the complex flavors in the seasonings. Delicious. If you like Indian flavors, by all means make these.

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kokeshi doll January 01, 2006

The flavor is really nice but they did not fry properly at all. The patties stayed sticky and gooey on the sides and eventually just turned back into the original mash in the pan. I will try to make these again with some of the suggestions in the other comments. The recipe as is makes a nice stew-like dish that can be served with rice but definitely not patties.

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pbscott March 05, 2010

Don't you lose essential nutrients when you throw away the water in which you boiled the veggies?

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Sandip B. August 06, 2015

made them with out mashed potatoes for my Diabetic husband. Added mashed channa instead. these were a Big Hit my family ate them up and were looking for more.

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parselysage September 18, 2009

Very good- loved this with the chana. The carrots made them a tad sweeter than I would like, but otherwise these were great. I streamlined these by coarsely chopping the potatoes, using whole baby carrots, and tossing them with the green beans in the microwave until soft. No need to boil, peel, chop, slice. I have a triple batch in the micro now made with wax beans. Will cook them up and freeze them. Thanks for the recipe!

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Dandk1997 February 01, 2009

These were exactly as described - crispy on the outside with a creamy interior. Just happened to have the mango powder and it added a nice "tart" to the finished product. Just an update - I've made these WITH the chana and without the chana, and have to say that the chana really adds something special. I've also used kidney beans (drained and rinsed) in a pinch and they were great too.

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Black Radish July 23, 2008

Really good... despite all the messing around I did!!! I used a left over bit of grilled sweet potato and grilled green beans...fresh grated carrot (so no steaming or boiling at all...it was almost 100 degrees the day I made them!!!) I regret not finding the mango powder but HAD to make for a tag game dead line so I winged it by using a mixture of lemon/lime zest and juice to taste as a sub...it has been awhile but I read somewhere about trying that. I added sesame seeds into the mix (again by taste) and chilled it for several hours before forming them into both patties and little balls and then sauteing with onions and mushrooms. Served on whole wheat pita bread, with add on(s) of lettuce,tomato and cucumber & a yogurt dressing. The suggested spices were incredible together, I imagine the mango powder would heighten the flavors even more!!! - We enjoyed the the slightly altered dish very much...I plan to make them again more true to the original recipe and will continue to search for mango powder but in a pinch the "winging" worked wonderfully!! - Thanks Vasha

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free-free August 05, 2007

I just loved these. I went out and bought mango powder just to make them, and it was worth it. My husband was lukewarm on them -- he felt all the carrots made them too sweet for him. I agree with Varsha that any cooked bean or lentil would work nicely in this dish as well (and maybe moderate the sweet carrots a bit for my DH). I'm giving the recipe 5 stars even though my husband wasn't crazy about them because I loved them so much. These would make a perfect appetizer to any Indian meal.

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Kitchen Kozy July 30, 2007

These were good. I did not have all the seasonings that it called for so I just used paprika, salt, pepper, cumin, and garlic powder. I'll have to try them again with the seasonings it calls for!

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Purdy Good Cook July 24, 2005
Indian-Seasoned Vegetable Patties