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Instead of making the shell by hand, use Phillo Dough ... its not too far from the real thing and saves *lots* of time. Also good to spray on olive oil and bake in an oven till golden brown for a low-fat healthy version

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taufiq h October 06, 2002

These hit the spot. I added cashew pieces to a few of these and they turned out nicely as well.

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Carol Bullock December 10, 2001

a real flavor delight but a bit involved ... would be a good one to make with my nephews.

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Aerial Goyle December 16, 2001

These were very good. I might use a little less green chilies and add some peas to the mix next time. I used phyllo dough and baked at 400* for 30-35 minutes. Served with Tamarind Date Chutney #156496. Was delicious. .

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curlytoplg April 15, 2010

Fantastic! Satisfied my craving for some indian food. Living in Turkey, I miss the indian restaurants in the uk and so im now trying to make all my own food. This was simple and tasty. I didnt have any fresh coriander or coriander seed so just used a teaspoon of powdered coriander. Next time will try it with the fresh stuff.

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zeytin December 17, 2009

Yum! My first real foray into a home-cooked Indian meal. These were awesome! I used puff pastry/phyllo dough to wrap the filling in; then baked them at 400º. Perfect. We garnished them with Coriander and Mint Chutney 'Coriander and Mint Chutney' with a bit of yogurt. I also used a bit more Garam Masala and cilantro in the mix because we like the flavors. It was fun to make this because I also used coriander seed from my own herb garden. Thanks for sharing!

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Piper Lee September 27, 2009

I took tuafiq's advice and used Phyllo dough. This was the first time I have made samosas or used phyllo dough. Each samosa had 5 layers/sheets of dough and I sprayed olive oil between each sheet, as well as on top. The potato mixture has to be cooled before stuffing. I put them in the oven at 325 until golden. Pefect when re warming in the oven for later.

I followed the potato recipe with the following exceptions: used cumin seeds instead of coriander, used half as much cayenne pepper and jalepeno.

got rave reviews at a dinner party!!

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kccooks3 July 20, 2010

I loved this!!!!! I doubled this recipe and I also browned half pound of ground beef and added it to the onions and carried on with the rest of the recipe. Also I did add about half cup of chopped cilantro instead of one tablespoon. For the pastry I used filo dough and sprayed the samosas with Pam butter and baked them in the oven till golden brown (35-45 min) I’m horrible at forming the little samosas into triangles. Mine were coming out like little blobs. After a while I decided to just fold the dough over and just make mini burrito shaped samosas! Me being Mexican American and my DH British Pakistani I gave birth to the burito samosa LOL. Thanks for sharing this tasty recipe. I love Indian food and this was the filling that I had been craving for! It hit the spot, and the somosas had an incredible flavor that one should enjoy when your taste buds are on a quest for something savory and exotic. This filling was very delicious, and tastes just like something that you would expect to get in Indian restaurants. I think adding the extra corriander seeds and extra cilantro help bring out the flavor. I should also add that the flavor comes out even better the next day after the filling as soaked up all the spices and has been chilled in the fridge over night. These are great cold or warm. The best curry houses in the UK would be jealous. =0) Thank you so much!!!!

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Spyce June 13, 2007

I decided today was the day to try making samosa's the first time from scratch. I had potatoes in the pantry that needed to be used and have been honing my skills in dough making. I didn't have any green chillies and substituted the red chilli powder for flakes. I also don't have a deep fryer so I just pan fried them in some grapeseed oil and added about half a cup of peas .... they turned out amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe, I can't wait to make them again!!

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jgoodacre August 17, 2013

I just made these and they are delicious!, you can add shredded chicken if you want. The dough recipe also works for brazilian pastel (its deep fried with cheese, or ground meet, or almost anything).<br/>this is the first time i ever made a dough and it worked!!!!!!!

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flapri April 12, 2013
Indian Samosa