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Oh this is so good! This is my favorite dish when we go to the local Indian Restaurant. I get cravings for it all the time and I finaly know how to make it! I'm so happy! I did cut the cayenne in half and I'm really glad I did. I like hot, but even with the 1/2 tsp this had a good kick. Next time I will decrease the cream as well - It took a bit away from the perfect tomato/spice mixture (and I even added a little extra spinach to use it up). I looked up how to make the panir, and having made mozzarella before it seemed like a very very similar cheese so I used cubed mozzarella (that was at room temp) in place of panir. I just added it last- after the heat was off and it had cooled somewhat. Worked out great! This is such a keeper!

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Nikoma April 08, 2009

Awesome! I love saag paneer, and this recipe was so simple and easy! I didn't think I could make this dish so easily at home. We didn't change too much.. I doubled the recipe and made adjustments to some of the spices to fit our tastes. I also added one large onion chopped, and we only used about half the suggested amount of cream as some others suggested. And we only used 7 oz. of paneer cubed even though we doubled the spinach. If I made any change next time, I'd probably use less cayenne and process the spinach to get a more creamy smooth texture. We like it spicy hot, but it was a little too hot for us.

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Heidi T. September 17, 2010

We made tikka masala (from America's Test Kitchens, rice pilaf, naan bread (from local grocery store) and kheer (from this web site...listed as World's Best and it is!) for a great Indian dinner.

I loved the flavors of this dish and it smelled wonderful while it was cooking. I doubled the recipe but only used 1 1/2 cups cream and did not double the cayenne. I felt it needed more tomato sauce but I didn't have any more so I used some extra tomato paste and it worked out great. It did make a lot so we had leftovers the next day and they heated up nicely.

My local grocery store did not have paneer but I called around and was able to find it at Whole Foods. Reading online, it seems that there is not a good substitute for the cheese.

Great recipe. Highly recommend it. We'll defintely be making this again.

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das.schus September 12, 2010

We loved this! I used 1/2 c whipping cream, 1 c tomato sauce, and 1/2 tsp cayenne based on previous reviews. This had a nice bit of heat to it, which I wasn't expecting because whenever I've had it in a restaurant, it's a lot milder. But, it was good with the cayenne. I will definitely make again and continue to experiment with the tomato sauce/whipping cream/cayenne consistencies. Thanks for posting!

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noway March 29, 2010

Good and tasty recipe- also very easy. I bought paneer from the Indian grocery, and I am glad I did- there is just nothing like it. Yum! I did modify in 2 areas- I used over a half cup of tomato sauce, and I used only about 1/4 cup of cream. I didn't want it to be too runny, nor did I want to dilute the flavors, and I think the entire quantity of cream may have done that. I also ended up simmering the paneer in with the spinach and everything else for about 15 minutes, just to get it all good and soaked in and distributed. I'm glad I did! Highly recommend this recipe-

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MrsMM March 10, 2010

I can't believe I haven't reviewed this recipe yet! We've used it once a week (minimum) since the first time we tried it a couple months ago. Very tasty, extremely easy and fast. Also, a good recipe to use as is, or play around with it a little once you get comfortable. I've been using ghee instead of cooking spray, full fat whipping cream and toying with spices when the mood strikes- and every time, it's good. Thank you so much, deinemuse for posting this!

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lula may February 28, 2010

This is so, so good. I couldn't get paneer, but thought that queso blanco would be a good substitute... and then the store was out :) So I used fresh mozzerella. The texture was a little off, but the flavor was divine! A few days after we had it, dh went to our favorite Indian restaurant and declared that this was even better than theirs! We'll be making this again and again-- thanks so much.

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BoxerRebellion November 20, 2009

This isn't DEAD ON like the restaurant's, but it's pretty close, easy to make, and MIGHTY TASTY! My boyfriend liked it better than the restaurant version. We will make again and again. Thanks!

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thehappiestgirl September 16, 2009

This was a very good base recipe. I used all the ingredients and changed the portions according to our liking. Another change i made was to puree the mixture after it was cooked and then add the paneer. It looked like it came from one of our favourite Indian restaurants.

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fusionista November 20, 2008
Indian Saag Paneer (Low Fat Cheese With Spinach)