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I've not made this recipe but I can tell I'm going to .. . There is extremely little Alzheimer's in India and research is showing turmeric (curcumin)to be the "cause". Research is also showing the plaques in alzheimer's to "possibly begin to disintegrate" when mice are given turmeric . .something to keep in mind. Also, if you are serving this over brown rice, try adding some hulled (or pearled if you prefer)barley to the rice - cook 5-10 minutes first then add the brown rice to the water. Barley has the lowest glycemic index scale of all the grains - about a 23, brown rice is about a 50 or so. If you add chicken stock and/or spices to the rice you can ramp up the flavor of the dish even more. Sometime, try adding red pepper flakes to your rice directly (if you're a "spicey" person)as it cooks. Good health as well as good eats!

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geboroush.1 October 12, 2007

Fabulous recipe - a new favorite. It went together fast and easy, and then I let it sit on the (turned off) warm burner while we went out for a walk. When we got back the house smelled delicious, and we weren't disappointed when we dug in. I omitted the salt & oil, used a little extra ginger, and added 1 c. cooked chickpeas. DH had his over baked sweet potato, and I had mine over cooked kale. We were both happy and are eagerly awaiting leftover night. Thanks for the great recipe!

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Linorama May 07, 2014

This was very good!!! The aroma while cooking - WOW! We loved this as our weekly meatless meal, served over white rice. Will definitely make this again! Thanks for posting another great recipe, Sharon!

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Jostlori April 03, 2013

Wow - this has so much flavor, its hard to believe its all veggies! My boys served this over soba noodles and I enjoyed it with a simple dollop of plain yogurt; DH and I loved it! Best of all, I was able to use so many fresh veggies from my garden. I didn't have a ripe bell pepper, so I used two banana peppers that were ready. In place of a chili pepper I used a jalapeno. It was spicy and sweet at the same time! I didn't have any ground coriander, so I omitted it. Made for Vegetarian Swap.

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Brooke the Cook in WI August 11, 2008

What an innovative recipe! This went together fast and smelled nothing less tan delicious. I didn't have a chili, so i ommited it - however it was not at all missed. The only thing I will do different next time is used canned tomatoes instead of fresh for more "sauce". Thanks!

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MechanicalJen August 10, 2008

My 12 year old daughter needed an Indian recipe for her homeschool history co-op, and this worked out great! It was very easy to make, and was delicious.

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kcirvin January 19, 2006

Everytime I make this it comes out a little different. My boyfriend loves it and will eat it instead of meat! I make it every month or so to keep him eating healthy :-)

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AnnMontgo December 13, 2005

Is this gluten free as mentioned above the site, because orzo and crusty bread are wheat based products. I am concerned for those with allergies who trust this site.

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Frustrated French Trained Cook Misses Veal Stock April 08, 2005

Very veggie-ful and very tasty! My BF made this, actually. He told me that he added about half a carrot, diced and we substituted the orange juice with tangarine juice. He also told me that he used 5 cups squash and 4 cups eggplant instead of the 5 cups eggplant/4 cups zucc called for in the recipe. He said he did cook the eggplant longer than recommended, but we won't eat eggplant unless its very well-done. We had to omit the fresh basil as I forgot it at the store, but did add a nice amount of organic dried basil to try and compensate. Otherwise, followed the recipe, including the saffron. We used red bell pepper and canned tomatoes and used 2 small thai peppers for the peppers. Nice and spicy...spicy as in spiced! This has terrific Indianic flavors! We served over brown rice with a dollop of yogurt as suggested. SO yummy. We used 1 yellow zucchini, 1 pattypan squash and 1 scallopini squash (like pattypan, but green like a normal zucchini). So full of veggies, so tasty and filling. I don't think even a serious meat lover would miss the meat too much if s/he were served this for supper! The eggplant makes for a good meat replacement anyhow. A very healthful and filling meal. I am looking forward to the leftovers! Thank you for another winner, Sharon!

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Roosie November 01, 2004

This is delicious, and only 3 WW points per serving. The spices work together beautifully! I am bringing this today to my friend who is a new mother (I left out the chili pepper). Thanks Sharon!

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Carianne August 15, 2004
Indian Ratatouille