Indian Onion Relish

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I am trying to find out what ingredients are in the onion stuff that every Indian restaurant I've ever been to gives you to have with your meal. It's obviously diced onions, and it is a bright or deep red, sometimes even an orange color. It's usually spicy hot to varying degrees, depending on the restaurant. Thanks in advance! Madhur Jaffrey's book _Indian Cooking_ describes this as being one of the relishes that may be served with almost every Indian meal, also familiar to people who dine in Indian restaurants. Perhaps this is what you are looking for, but if not, you might try other Indian cookbooks for onion chutney recipes. It should be under the condiments section. Indian Onion Relish Serves 4

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  1. Cut onion crosswise into paper-thin rings and put rings into a bowl.
  2. Add all other ingredients, toss and mix.
  3. Set aside for 30 minutes or more before eating in order to let the flavors blend.


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This is one of our family favourite "onion" chutneys which goes well only with tomato pilaf or coconut rice. It is also known as "Hellflame" or "Devil Chutney" 1 medium onion 1 tsp chillie powder 2 tsps sugar pinch salt 1 tabsp lemon juice In a liquidiser grind all ingredients to a smooth sauce. If too sweet adjust by adding more chillie powder. If too hot, add a bit more sugar. How easy is that! Another version of the above is to use only 1 tsp sugar and add 2 tsps sultanas. This makes it a thicker and darker sauce. Enjoy! sultanas

Jean Sheehan June 11, 2001

Here is one more way of doing this and the same can also be used as an excellent accompaniment to any dish. Dice nearly 10-12 medium sized onions and keep aside. Take a half litre yoghurt container. Add half teaspoon salt and half teaspoon coriander powder to the same. Mix the ingredients well to get a smooth consistency. Now put the onions in this curd mixture. Chop a bunch of green coriander leaves or parsley and add to this. Leave it aside for 45 minutes for the flavours to set in. Salt can be adjusted to individual preferences. Enjoy with steamed rice, sandwiches, hot pita bread or even with pastas. This also goes well as a dip with fritters. Hope you enjoy the same. Smiles Mini

Mini Ravindran March 01, 2001

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