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I served this last week for our dinner after heading out to the mountains to get our Christmas tree! I made it a few days prior to allow the flavours to develop. It was the best lamb curry ever! And so raved the man - he even said it was the very best lamb curry he's ever had! And we grew up eating curries so!!

I followed the recipe pretty much except 1) I used one 14oz can chopped tomatoes 2) I used greek yogurt (as suggested by some reviews) and 3) I used about 1 1/2 C - 2 C water given the feedback here.

It turned out phenomenal, and on the day itself I heated it up in the oven and took the lid off for about 20 mins to let the sauce evaporate a little more. I do agree that if you put in 4C as the recipe suggests, it's a lot of liquid (like soup almost). And finally, I wouldn't use greek yogurt again, I think if you eyeball the water, normal yogurt will do. The greek yogurt did not thicken things up and I think normal yogurt would have a more impact on the flavour. Enjoy!

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fabchefs December 14, 2012

I Used Coconut milk instead of Yogurt, Excellent

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mikiones September 23, 2011

I made this last Saturday and followed it pretty closely. I used only 3 Serrano peppers, as the ones I had were very large. I did add two tsp of cayenne red pepper to spice it up a bit more. I also added 2 tsp curry powder instead of 1 and added 1 tsp of Fenugreek powder (Methi), as I like that taste. I cooked the lamb slowly, simmering it for about 2 hours with all of the spices added. I used plain yogurt and not the Greek yogurt that others suggested. The sauce came out perfectly, just the right consistency and flavor. All 6 of us loved the taste and texture of this curry. I served it with Basmati Rice and Nan Bread. For an appetizer, we had lentil filled Samosa's (bought frozen from an Indian grocery and a Mint/Cucumber/Yogurt sauce, which I made up without a recipe. This curry is definitely one that I will make again and will not adjust the recipe at all.

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Anonymous September 28, 2015

This recipe was taken almost exactly from the cookbook, The Great Curries of India by Camellia Panjabi. Page 63. The three differences: Puree tomato, chop fresh garlic, and fresh ginger. It is a great cookbook by the way!

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julielb34 March 02, 2014

Its the 3rd time i cook this curry with lamb and it turns out better and better everytime. Its a winner if u wanna impress your guests. I served it last night with raitha, tabuleh, mango chutney, papadums and naanbread. everybody loved it.
Only changes I have made to the recipe is to use 2 cups of water instead of 4.
And I only use a half teaspoon of cayenne. as it turned out a bit to hot first couple of times.
be sure to use plain natural yougurt.
enjoy :)

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Chillihead January 01, 2013

I made this dish last night. I had sheep meat to use instead of lamb. To cut down the cooking time I pressure cooked the meat for 15 minutes on high then followed the recipe as stated. This is the first Indian dish I have made and we found it to be absolutely fabulous. I felt like I was back in India. Wonderful dish and easy to make. Thank you for the recipe.

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ycphns79_13134773 January 05, 2012

This was really good, my family really enjoyed this. I have tried many tomato based Indian lamb curries, but I have never found anything I really liked. This recipe tasted like the lamb curry my old neighbors from Pakistan used to make, I am going to keep making this recipe and will stop looking for another one. I think the difference for me in this recipe compared to others, are the peppercorns (they add a really lovely flavor, that matches well with the cinnamon and the brown cardamom). I made a few small changes. I only used 2 tablespoons of oil (for dietary reasons), and I think this recipe would be good with this amount of oil or with more (you could probably get away with one tablespoon as well). I forgot to add the yogurt at the end, but I think I liked it better that way (I will try it with yogurt and with coconut milk some other times as well). The only other thing I changed was to use only one clove because I think too many cloves make food taste bitter. I simmered the lamb for one and a half hours on a low heat, (lamb needs a long cooking time to become tender). If I were to add yogurt another time I would simmer just in tomato and water until the lamb was tender and just near the end add the yogurt (and any excess water can be boiled down on high heat before adding the yogurt, so the amount of water should not be a problem). In the future I will try adding lentils and will also try adding potatoes, I think these additions would suit this curry well. Thank you so much for a great recipe that will be on my regular rotation.

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zainab23 October 16, 2011

this came out excellent!!! ive tried other indian recipes and they wernt that great but this one came out the best great flavor and came out perfect. i will definitely be making it again and would recomend it. the only thing i would change is instead of 4 cups of water i only would put 2 and i would add cumin next time ads alot better flavor to it. thank you

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paula perugini August 12, 2011

Absolutely delicious and a pleasure to cook. Family loved it and I took the leftovers to work. Had everyone in the office drooling at lunch. Fantastic recipe and well recommended.

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Cha5 June 08, 2011

So good! The only changes I made is that I didn't have quite enough lamb so I added two chopped up potatoes to stretch what I did have. I also took rosewater's suggestion and only added one cup of water instead of four. It was very flavorful, spicy and the meat was very tender. Will definitely be making again.

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azwildcat2001 October 03, 2009
Indian Lamb Curry