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This was wonderful! I followed the advice about the type of coconut milk and got a nice thick sauce. Also I have a recommendation for the cardamom pods - instead of using cheesecloth, I put them in a tea ball. That worked quite well.

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morgankt October 22, 2011

Tried this recipe the other night and wanted to share a few things I learned about this fabulous dish. (1.) I substituted chicken legs instead of thighs just fine. I'll probably skin my chicken first next time. The skin seemed to inhibit the meat from absorbing flavor. (2.) "Coconut milk" seems to come in two basic varieties: Asian and Spanish. You'll find them in their respective sections of the supermarkets. Asian tends to be thicker and more expensive. Goya tends to be a bit thinner and cheaper. I used Goya. (3.) Because this is in a crock pot, the sauce doesn't reduce much. It'll be a bit thinner than the stuff you get in restaurants. Maybe if I used the thicker coconut milk, the sauce would have been thicker. (4.) As a previous commenter noted, don't be shy with the salt. You probably need at least half a teaspoon. You can add it in at the end along with the yogurt and taste. (5.) Reheat leftovers slowly and gently.

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cathy_n July 03, 2010

I agree with a lot of reviewers, this recipe did need a quite of bit of salt. I did add a couple teaspoons of sugar as well. I ground my own cardamom pods equivalent to what the recipe called for and it was all the house smelled like. It was sweet and very smooth. Definitely will make again!

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Nutmegf7 February 23, 2016

I modified the recipe some: only 1 TBSP lemon juice and omitted the yogurt to make it dairy free.I did also think it was spicy but otherwise bland when I tasted it. I added about a tsp of salt and about 2 tsp of sugar. Excellent results in the end !!

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letrites July 14, 2015

This was absolutely awful. It was bland, yet bitter, and had none of the flavours of an authentic butter chicken. It left a terrible after taste as well. I am not picky and I could not finish this. Very disappointing. I was really looking forward to this and made it exactly as the recipe called for. I will not be making this again.

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Christina B. September 10, 2014

This is delicious! Made it without the yogurt because I saw a review that it curdled and that really grossed me out. It was really, really good even without the tang and thickness of the yogurt. I also substituted 1 tsp ground cardamom instead of the pods because I couldn't find them. I will definitely make this again.

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sodgers February 01, 2014

I love butter chicken frozen from Trader Joe's so I decided to try this. Cardamom was too expensive so I found it could be replaced by cinnamon and nutmeg so I did that and it smelled great the whole time it was cooking, but at the end when I added Greek yogurt it instantly curdled and separated ! I thought it just needed to cook more so after 15 min I tasted it and it had become a sour bitter horrible mess! I don't know what I did wrong : ( could it be the lack of cardamom ? I'm usually a pretty good cook so maybe I just got some bad yogurt, I don't know.

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Beckkelly May 10, 2013

For ease of recipe alone, this will definitely become a favorite in my household. Like everyone else had said, it does need a copious amount of salt but that is easy to add at the end. I didn't have any cardamom pods so I substituted a teaspoon of ground cardamom (which was plenty!) and it lent a cool sweetness to the end product. It was also a bit soupy for me but instead of plain yogurt, I opted for Greek and it thickened it to a rich, velvety texture.

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GoodnPlentiful June 01, 2011

I loved the taste of this before I cooked it! Perhaps it was my spices, but this ended up quite bitter for me. Reviewers mention adding salt and sugar -- after 1 1/2 t. salt and 3 T. sugar it tasted much better. I avoided the g. masala because my curry had enough heat in it; I also made coconut milk using 100g of creamed coconut so as to avoid the watery sauce cathy_n mentions. Most Indian recipes I've tried are pretty bad compared to restaurants. This one didn't end up as good as I thought it would, but it definitely has potential and has obviously worked for several reviewers here.

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DoubletheGarlic January 27, 2011

I have had this in my cookbook for a good wee while now so I had chicken thighs that had been in the freezer long enough so I made it for dinner. My chicken was half frozen, so I just put everything in the pot and wow!!! 4 hours later with my crock on high, butter chicken It couldn't be easier I have made butter chicken on the stove top but never in the crock pot and it was very good with just one dish to clean up, and of course my rice cooker fantastic. No one likes washing up so I think this is just great. I will make it again but I think I would add a wee bit sugar it takes the edge from the tomato paste. Thank you for a very nice curry.

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Tea Jenny April 27, 2010
Indian Butter Chicken Slow Cooker