"indian" Buckwheat Spice Pancakes

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Total Time
5 mins
10 mins

This is my modification of Buckwheat Spice Pancakes, Buckwheat Spice Pancakes. They cook very quickly, which is nice, and are a bit on the dry side. I topped them with agave syrup, and had planned to put blueberries in them, but they mysteriously disappeared from the fridge (DH strikes again!) I think they would be great with fruit on top, and/or honey or whipped cream, and next time I make them I will add some flaxseed meal to the batter for a nutty flavor. I did find the cardamom almost overpowering, even though I adore cardamom, so please keep that in mind when making and adjust to your taste. They are almost-vegan/vegetarian, and could be with some substitutions I don't know enough about to specify. Please let me know if you do! Servings are approximate.

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  1. Combine first seven ingredients and stir to blend.
  2. Combine wet ingredients and blend.
  3. Add wet mix to dry mix, stir to blend.
  4. Heat nonstick frying pan or skillet on medium.
  5. Spoon ladleful of mixture into pan. When bubbles pop and "craters" appear, flip and cook until done (just a few minutes.).
  6. Enjoy!