Incredible Hushpuppies Made Simple

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Total Time
15 mins
3 mins

I like this recipe because of the simple ingredients, great taste, and very inexpensive. I began experimenting with this recipe as a way to cook for 40+ people and I was very pleased to see how everyone enjoyed this simple [side] dish! For the best results use a deep-fat fryer with oil specified for "deep frying"!

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  1. Whisk together dry components first, then add the remaining ingredients, and mix thoroughly.
  2. Heat frying oil to 360°F.
  3. Scoop "Tablespoon" sized portions into the hot oil.
  4. Cook until golden brown or 2 1/2 minutes (be careful NOT to overcook, hushpuppies become really hard).
  5. Remove from the hot oil and drain on paper towel and/or brown paper bag.
  6. I did this recipe multiplied by 5!