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We love love love this macaroon recipe. They are awesome and so easy to make. We've made them so many times that i have a few tips about the recipe. 1) To avoid puddling when baking (complaint of earlier reviews) the cookies must be baked as soon as they are combined with the egg whites. If you wait and they sit the egg whites will break down and cause them to be runny and they will puddle (still delicious that way.) 2) Do not try and over compensate for the extra large egg whites if you only have large eggs. Large egg whites work just fine. If you add extra whites to your recipe the cookies become too moist/runny and won't set up and bake properly. 3) These cookies freeze great. We baked them and put them in the freezer and ate them 3 months later and they were still great. Just not as crunchy as when they were originally baked. I've also dipped them in chocolate or drizzled them with chocolate. Just melt some chocolate chips in the microwave if you don't have dipping chocolate. Give them a try, they are great!

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PaigeSpud November 12, 2011

These were easy to make - people who had problems may have either 1) used evaporated milk (thinner and less sweet) instead of sweetened condensed milk, 2) not shipped the egg whites long enough - they actually need to be stiff peaks when you lift the beaters, or 3) mixed the beaten egg whites with the coconut mixture with the mixer instead of gently by hand, thereby breaking down the fluffiness. We found these took a little less time in the oven than stated here, and rotating the pans and alternating racks is important. But we found these too sweet overall - dipping them in very dark chocolate (70% cocoa or above) helps ( well, how could it not?). Next Passover, I will try a basic meringue recipe with vanilla and coconut instead.

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gingerflower April 05, 2010

These are irresistible! I have made them several times and in the beginning had problems with puddling - but whipping the egg whites to stiff peaks helps avoid that problem. Another tip I want to pass on-is to dust the parchment paper / cookie pan with a little cornstarch or flour so that the cookies release easier. In the past it was annoying when half the cookie remained on the pan. Enjoy!

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cuppftea December 28, 2013

These cookies came out great! I made mine smaller and baked for about 15 minutes. Dipped bottoms in melted chocolate, yum! These are going on my Christmas cookie platter.

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nmj October 23, 2011

Epic fail There's no way equal parts of wet ingredients and dry would have resulted in proper firm batter. Was I supposed to let the flakes soak in the milk? Needless to say- it went to he garbage I'm not happy

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Anonymous April 19, 2015

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo delicious! I followed other's advice to avoid puddling and baked soon after folding in the egg whites. I also dipped in melted semi-sweet chocolate. They were a HUGE hit at a party!

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mlh2803 January 24, 2015

Perfection when you follow the directions precisely. Make sure you bake these immediately so your egg whites don't start to deflate on you. Enjoy!!

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Suzette316 December 22, 2014

Super easy as all have said and everyone loved them....of course I made a minor change...I used my Wilton Meringue powder that I had on hand instead of warming fresh eggs.....I found that they didn't puddle at all on the first batch and only very little on the waiting tray....so maybe the powder if more stable? I used the vanilla, but next time will try almond extract I think

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debstt November 21, 2014

I made this simple recipe today. I added the zest of one lemon to the mixture. Did not have an ice cream scooper but I used a piping gadget to create lovely macaroons. Everyone in the household like them very much. No leftovers on these yummy macaroons! Next time I will double the portions...

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STEVE S. March 19, 2014

These are great and so easy.A parent brought them to my pot luck and everyone loved them. <br/>1. I made them with low fat sweetened condensed milk, worked great.<br/>2. I used Bob's Red Mill Unsweetened Coconut (health food aisle) to cut down on the sugar, because original recipe a bit too sweet for me.<br/>3. Next time I make them, going to dry dipping half in melted dark chocolate.<br/><br/>Cant go wrong with these if you want to wow a crowd.

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danimanny_11110017 January 05, 2014
Ina's Coconut Macaroons