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Thank you for this recipe! I now live in La. and wasn't quite sure how to make this type sauce, but I see all the locals dipping their crawfish in it. Although I have not actually tried yours, it sounds delicious, and my lips are smacking while I think about dipping my crawfish or shrimp into it--and I didn't even have to ask the locals! Thank you!

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rma123 June 19, 2003

I made this for the third time last night. I served it with crabcakes. Tastes great with fried green tomatoes, too! This is exactly like the sauce I fell in love with where I work, but it was discontinued. I was so happy to find this recipe and have it taste like that one. This is an incredibly easy recipe and quite tasty. It will be made over and over again for me. Thanks!

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Beverly292 April 12, 2006
Impressive Creole Dipping Sauce