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What a great baked egg dish. I have only tried the Impossible/Bisquick recipes as dinner casseroles, but this was perfect as quiche without a crust. You can easily shift the ingredients a bit like I did. I don't do bacon much at home so I subbed in some deli turkey and used Monterey jack cheese as I was out of cheddar. Also didn't have any dry mustard so left that out and added a little fresh basil on top. Yum!

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Karen67 August 02, 2015

I made a slight error here in not realising the Bisquik ingredients, and only using flour and baking powder in my quiche, which meant I didnt get as fluffy a result as should be. I now have a recipe for Bisquik and will happily make this again, correctly :) That doesnt mean it wasnt great!!! Worked perfectly otherwise, I made it as a couple of individual servings plus a small quiche since I enjoyed the presentation aspect of individual quiches. I made it as written, but there is lots of room for mix and match with the filling ingredients! Lovely recipe, thanks Teresa, sorry I didnt get it quite right but it was much enjoyed for Consideration Tag Game

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Karen Elizabeth May 19, 2015

Very good quiche which we had for both lunch and dinner. I use a quiche pan (corning ware) which is about 10" instead of the smaller pie dish and it worked out great. I also used peppered bacon, 2 %cheese and skim milk and heart smart bisquick mix. Served with banana bread and fruit. Thanks for sharing this keeper recipe!

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ellie_ February 22, 2014

I originally planned to use a different dish to cook my scaled back version of this quiche in, until I saw the photos of I'm Pat's. I wish I had read her review prior to baking my quiche, lol, my rose (real nice and fluffy) overflowed into my oven. She used just flour, so it didn't have any shortening or baking soda (that Bisquick has in it) and looked very thin. I ran out of Bisquick Mix so I made Homemade Bisquick Mix and it worked perfectly. Loved the combination of flavors with the onions, bacon and cheddar. I served it with a roll and a slice of canteloupe for a delicious brunch for me!! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Made for 123 Tag Game.

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diner524 September 24, 2012

I cut this back to 2 serves and made in individual quiche dishes and as we don't get Bisquick I used plan/all purpose flour but that said I think I would cut back on the amount (a 1/4 cup for 2 serves I think may have been a bit too much but the DM enjoyed with some buttered toast for her dinner as she wasn't feeling the best and wanted something light. The other one I will serve up tomorrow. I baked at 175C fan forced for 13 minutes for cooked through quiche. Thank you TeresaS for posting the recipe and to Annacia for the recommendation, made for I Recommend tag game.

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I'mPat June 16, 2012

This made a very nice dinner this evening, Dh and I both enjoyed it. I used turkey bacon, reduced fat cheddar and E-Z Low Fat Bisquick Mix. I really like the Impossible recipes, they are always easy and fun and taste yummy. While I most likely wouldn't serve this to company it's a tasty family dish that everyone from the kids to grandma and grandpa will like. If you like a bit of heat you could easily add some red pepper flakes to good effect. Try it, you'll like it :D

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Annacia March 01, 2012
Impossible Quiche