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I grew up just across the river from St Louis. We had our own Imo's pizza in Godfrey IL so I can say I have had Imo's pizza many times. This recipe is close but no cigar. First the crust. It got it very close, as close as you get without a pizza oven. I suggest using a pizza pan with the holes in it to get the best results. Next the sauce. NOPE!!! Not even close. I found that Prego Pizzaria sauce comes closest. Now the cheese. It is close but not quite right. Instead of one cup white cheddar and one half cup provolone I would switch that. One cup provolone and one half cup cheddar and one half cup Swiss is more like it. That gives you that "stick to the roof of your mouth" effect that Imo's has. I really miss Imo's pizza since I moved to Peoria. This recipe with my modifications satisfys my pizza urge. Now if they only had White Castles here.....

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GaryCorn July 24, 2012

First of all I have to writ that I am from St. Louis, but now live in Texas. I grew up on a street with one of the Imo's families. Sometimes, when Mr. Imo would have left over pizza, he would bring it home and all the kids would sit on the curb and eat it in the street. What memories... There is good pizza in Texas, but it's different, not Imo's! My daughter was so excited when I made this. I think she ate a whole pizza herself. This was really good. I've made a lot of home made pizza over the years and my family liked this the most. I didn't follow the cheese recipe exactly. I bought a bag of premixed pizza cheese. Next time I'll follow the recipe. The liquid smoke added a great flavor though. The crust came out perfect too. The sauce tasted exactly right. This is a keeper!

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saint louie girl August 20, 2009

pretty close, it was good but next time I'm going to buy Provel cheese online and make it with that.

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Christopher H. May 24, 2014

I love it. Havent tried yet, but read the reviews and can imagine exactly what it will taste like. I suggest tho if anyone using pepperoni presliced, wash the slices very good with cold water or it will dominate the sauce and kill it, trust me. now the true test is if it sits overnight , will the crust stick to the cardboard it is applied too, LOL only TRUE IMOS LOVERS will understand what I mean :)

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Jesse L. October 06, 2015

I tried this pizza recipe last night and I this is hands down THE BEST thin crust recipe!! While we don't have an Imo's pizza restaurant in Richmond, VA we have Ledo's Pizza which serves St. Louis style pizza. I made one with just cheese and the other with Italian sausage, red onions and bacon. Both were devoured by my kids. This will be my go to thin crust recipe from now on.

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A B. August 02, 2015

We used the crust and sauce recipe (more or less). We are St. Louisans who love the pizza, especially Pirrone's. Our daughter has soy and dairy sensitivities so we skipped Provel cheese in favor of Teese vegan mozzarella cheese substitute (it's good!), but really, the pizza stood on its own without the cheese/Teese! We used tomato sauce instead of the diced whole tomatoes in the sauce and substituted 2 t of brown sugar with an extra 1/2 t of water for the dark corn syrup in the dough. It was amazing! Thanks for the recipe! We will use it again and again!

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slatterk December 09, 2013

We just absolutely love this crust! I have made pizza 3 days this week already!!!! Very crisp very tasty and doesn't make you feel over full after eating!!!! TY for posting this recipe for a yeastless crust and a restraunt style one at that!

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KathrynQ March 28, 2012

I did think this pizza was good but the crust was not my favorite. It was more like a cracker crust and even though I love thin crust pizza, I like it to be a little fluffy in the middle. I will make this again, but next time I will add in some yeast and let it rise a bit to get a better texture that I prefer. I loved the fresh pizza sauce! Using fresh tomatoes and not cooking it, I decided to use fresh basil and not dried. It gave it so much flavor and was so good on the pizza. The combination of the liquid smoke and cheeses was definitely something different and gave the pizza a whole new flavor. I made one pepperoni and one with just the cheeses. Thanks for the unique pizza combinations and I will be making again sometime!

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*pink* July 19, 2011

I am giving this 4 stars because it was wonderful when it first came out of the oven. But then we had to leave and when we came home 3 hours later and reheated it, it was NOT that good. If you plan on eating it all at once, it is VERY good though! I added about 1 tsp. more sugar to the sauce and just *tested* the cheeses on my family with good ole' pepperoni on top. They really enjoyed the cheeses,so next time I will try hamburger and sausage. Thanks!!

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kellychris December 11, 2009
Imo's Pizza Recipe (St. Louis Style Pizza)