"i'll Just Have a Bite" Mock Lil' Cheesecakes

Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 0 mins

So simple! the perfect way to have "just a bite"

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  1. Spread cream cheese on crackers.
  2. Top with fruit spread.
  3. Yum!
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This is not a recipe. This is what someone spreads on a cracker. Come on!

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There are ingredients and there are steps. According to Merriam Webster's Collegiate dictonary the defination of a recipe is: "a set of instructions for making something from various ingredients". Not only does this list of ingredients and instructions constitute a recipe, it is an excellent recipe contrary to what the previous reviewer said. I guess humor and good recipes, like beauty, are in the eye of the beholder. This tastes good, is easy to make, and is a recipe that I would not and will not hesitate to share with family and friends. I also appreciate this recipe because I can have a nice treat for very few Weight Watchers points when using fat free cream cheese. Thank you Princess Buttercup for sharing it.

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Not a bad treat. Doesnt really taste anything like cheesecake. But it is a nice dessert when watching calories. I used fat free cream cheese