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Wonderful! So tasty (not overly 'fishy'), with a lovely soft centre and crisp exterior - well worth the effort of the preparation time. Not having cod in my area, I used hake, and seasoned with Seasoned Sea Salt and Lemon & Black Pepper. In place of matzo meal I used finely crumbed unsalted cream crackers (I think this are referred to as graham crackers elswhere?). This yielded 14 nicely sized fishcakes for me and served 2 per person with mashed potato and a veggie side dish, so very economical too. I have frozen some of the unfried fishcakes and am looking forward to seeing how these turn out. Thank you, Charmed (and your Grandma Ida) for a keeper!

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Shazzie June 08, 2008
Ida's Fishcakes