Idaho Onion Stew

READY IN: 6hrs 10mins
Recipe by Countrywife

This came from Idaho with DH's roommate in college. Being really broke college students, they'd get sacks of onions and multiple loaves of bread and cheese from the food locker. They used this as a change of pace from grilled cheese sandwiches. For some reason, it's really soothing for an upset digestion. I had a slight case of flu this last winter and it was all I could keep down. Our neighbor, who was undergoing chemo and radiation, hadn't been out of bed for two-three weeks except to crawl to the doctor. His wife smelled the stew and stopped in for some company and a bowl. She took some home, and a couple of hours later he was at our door. He quoted the line from 'Oliver"--"Please, may I have another bowl?" He swears it is the only thing that sustained him through therapy. It gave him strength enough to take walks (short ones) around the neighborhood. He was going to have to be hospitalized for the duration. He's been cancer free for over three years now. You can simmer it on low on the stove, or in a crock pot, all day while you're at college or work.

Top Review by Donna

I am so sorry but this just did not work for me at all, my onions never disinigrated and they simmered for an eternity, I ended up going and buying another can of broth as mine was evaporating, this smelled fantastic but I don't know, it was not what i was expecting, i was expecting more of a soupy consistancy and this was gloppy and thick and salty and just wasn't what I was wanting, I didn't finish my bowl. But I am sure others would really love it, it just was not my taste, Im sorry!!

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  1. Peel and trim onions.
  2. Simmer for hours until tender in stock.
  3. This will take 5 or 6 hours at least.
  4. When onions have disintegrated, layer slices of bread and cheese in the stock.
  5. It will be a glutinous mess.

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