Iced Hazelnut Coffee Chiller

Total Time
3hrs 10mins
Prep 10 mins
Cook 3 hrs

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  1. in a medium bowl stir in coffee, creamer, sugar water and cinnamon unil coffee is dissolved.
  2. pour coffee mixture into 2 ice trays freeze until hardened.
  3. transer coffee cubes to A freezer bag.
  4. for each serving place 2 coffee cubes. 2/3 cup milk and 4 water ice cubes in a blender.
  5. blend unti slushy and top with whipped cream.
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When making this coffee, I cut the recipe in half. This is pretty good, but I found the coffee didn't thicken up as much as I had hoped. The coffee flavored ice cubes didn't really harden in the freezer, plus I had to use a butter knife to remove the coffee cubes from the ice cube trays. I ended up adding the entire flavored coffee cubes to an empty cool whip container, (placing it in the freezer) and I would scoop out the slightly frozen flavored coffee with a spoon when I would mix up a drink. I found 3 tablespoons of the coffee mixture, is equal to 2 coffee flavored ice cubes. I did enjoy this beverage even more, by adding 1 tablespoon of Smucker's Caramel Sundae Syrup to the flavored coffee before blending it. Plus I also drizzled some of the caramel syrup ontop the coffee which I also topped with some Reddi Whip Whipped Topping. I think the caramel syrup makes this iced coffee taste even better. Thanx for the recipe GingerlyJ.