Iced Green Tea

Total Time
2 mins
0 mins

This recipe is more about the method than the ingredients. If you don't already like green tea, this will not change your mind! I found it on several different websites including wikihow, but I am not sure where it originally came from. I use "London Fruit&Herb Company-Green Tea and Raspberry" for my tea. *Note prep time does not include chilling time.

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  • 6 cups of room temperature water
  • 6 green tea bags


  1. Pour the water into container.
  2. Add the green tea bags. Move it back and forth slowly several times.
  3. After 15 seconds or so of moving the teabags back and forth, place the container in the refrigerator. Leave the teabags inside.
  4. Chill for one hour. Take the container out of the refrigerator, remove the teabags, and keep chilling until you have it at the temperature you want it.