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Prep 10 mins
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This is the most intriguing, most wonderful Rima Soni miracle I have read in months! I got this from Rima Soni's "Simply Beautiful" column, Weekend. Rima Soni, the beauty specialist and my first ever beauty Guru, had received this query from a reader of the magazine which mentioned that she has exceptionally wide pores, which make her face look terrible, and to avoid which, she has to always wear foundation and hence, she looks made-up always! She hated that and wanted to look naturally beautiful...Here's what Rima Soni came up with!


  1. One must avoid hot showers in this case as a rule of thumb if suffering from large pores because hot showers will only make the pores get bigger.
  2. Before using foundation, rub ice cubes on the skin where you have these large pores.
  3. This serves a dual purpose: One of shrinking the pores, and secondly, of not letting the foundation block the skin.
  4. Next, one has to take chilled lemon juice and dab it on the open pores, several times, layer after layer.
  5. This should be kept on overnight.
  6. After doing this treatment regularly, every night, one will see that the pores have shrunk and also that the skin looks less oily and better!
  7. Enjoy!
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Havent tried it yet but it could be just what ive been waiting for! Thank you!

Little Bunny Fufu July 31, 2004