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If you are concerned about the amount of calories in this recipe, I found that if you use half the water, it tastes the same and you have twice as much ice than if you used one-quarter of what was recommended.

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depreciated January 05, 2013

If I home can these, can I use a water bath, or do I need to pressure can them? Last power outage I lost too much frozen stuff, so I want them on the shelf whenever I need them.

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PortAngelesGuy August 17, 2012

My mother used to make ice just this way! Thanks for posting a recipe that brings back so many memories for me!

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Rebecca Bowman July 06, 2012

This seems to be a good start, however mine turned out a little grey. Then I discovered, my boys needed step #1 to be, WASH YOUR HANDS. Once we made that change they turned out fine. Had to throw out that first batch but used the next batch with a bit of rum and coke and all was just fine.

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Don't Call Me Martha June 01, 2010

I like that it's vegetarian. Now when I have dinner parties and someone informs me that they are vegetarian, I have something to feed them.

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Ali8545 September 29, 2012

OMG! I have been looking for this recipe. My co-workers need this one. There are only two of us (out of 90) that know how to make this. I am posting it by the cooking station.

You don't happen to have a recipe for the self filling automatic dispenser. Everyone is perplexed on how the silver lever position helps creates these wonderful cubes of refreshment.

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triplel1977 July 26, 2012

My Italian grandmother swore you'd catch a chill from consuming frozen substances. I suggest, if you find this recipe gives you a chill, as it did my poor grandmother, you could microwave the finished product for about 15 seconds to bring out the chill. Then add to your glass and consume as normal!

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transl8 July 08, 2012

So easy and low carb/cal, lactose, and gluten free. I now have something I can serve to all my fiends with special dietary needs without worrying.

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lfrank1969 December 28, 2011

An hilarious recipe. (On a serious note, it you want more transparent ice, start with hot water--less gas is held in hot water compared with cold water). The only better recipe would start like this: Step 1: find a glacier...

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Doug Mc July 20, 2012

Where to begin with the fallacies of this recipe? Let's start with the missing items from the ingredients list. It only mentions water on the list, then in the first step of the directions, something called trays is mentioned. I racked my brain for a few minutes on what these trays could be. I went to the source of all modern day knowledge for some assistance, Wikipedia. A quick search for trays told me a tray is a shallow platform designed for carrying things. The examples of trays listed there include a butler's tray, a cafeteria tray, surgical trays, seed trays and a darkroom tray. I went out and purchased these items expecting to use them for this recipe, boy was that a waste of money. None of them aided me in my quest for ice cubes and a cold beverage. Thinking I hit a dead end, I realized this recipe was on food.com so where else should I go but the food network on TV. I sat on the couch drinking hot beverages for a week straight hoping to find out something that mentioned these "trays". Nothing. I didn't know what to do. I cried, paced back and forth, banged my head against the wall, called my mom, and then it hit me. I don't know why my kids were throwing that ball in the house but it hurt. After a few more hours, I decided to start from scratch. I went to my favorite search engine, livorobot.com and searched for "ice trays" and voila, I now know what trays are being referred to. Turns out I could just pick these bad boys up at the local grocery market.
Now that I have the trays, I found I can basically skip over step 1 for the first attempt since I've never used them before. Direction step #2 was self-explanatory to say the least so good job on that. Step #3 got a little tricky because there was no descriptive way to perform this task. When I finished step #2, I was physically located at the kitchen sink and step #3 tells me to place the trays in the freezer. They must have had a completely different kitchen layout as I cannot reach the freezer from the sink. My first couple attempts at performing step #3 left me drenched with a wet floor to clean up and trays flying everywhere. Long story short, please add "gently take the water filled ice trays from the kitchen sink over to the freezer and place them in there", emphasis on gently.
Directions step #4 is also self-explanatory if you actually own a bin to keep ice in. Step #5 I found to be a very key point but again is missing pertinent information. Once I shut the freezer door, how can I see the water, ice trays or ice cubes? This also brought me to a point where I was unsure what the next step would be. I see at the top under total time that there is a 2 hour cook time involved but I did not see any step in the directions that would even hint at using any cooking appliance. I got to the point where I was tired of drinking hot beverages so a few days later, I decided to throw all caution to the wind and stray from the directions by opening the freezer door. I found the water that was poured into the trays had turned into ice without any actual cooking at all. I began using the ice immediately and haven't looked back.
Once I was finally able to enjoy a cold beverage with ice cubes in the glass, I decided to get on here to write this review and warn others of the potential mistakes of following the directions as marked and stumbled upon a gallery of 6 photos of ice cubes. I realized if I had only gone here first, I would have been able to view a photo of an actual ice cube tray that was eluding me for the first couple weeks of my toil. I also realized how convenient it would be to ship ice cubes to all my friends in a small white envelope as shown in photo #3. One of my friends is currently attempting a weight loss routine and was over the house the other day before I was able to figure out how to make these ice cubes. We were discussing meal plans for the day and she suggested having an ice cube for dinner or maybe just sharing the run off but sadly I still did not crack the code for these babies yet. It's great to know I can easily ship them through the local mail to my family and friends.
The other good thing and one of the main reasons I came across this recipe in the first place is the fact that we're talking about lactose and gluten free ice cubes. Most of my family is allergic to both so this will come in very handy in the future. There are also many other great health benefits of these such as being very low in carbs, sodium, cholesterol, saturated fat and calories as mentioned in the categories this recipe is listed under. I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it was to know all of this and then taste the refreshingly cool benefits of the first batch of cubes in a glass of ice cold water. I hope you can master this recipe with the tips I have provided and can enjoy the same euphoria as I have.

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johndoe326 February 02, 2013
Ice Cubes