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Instructions should be altered: ice cream would have been a lot better melted. I did some research online and found from other recipes instructing to use MELTED ice cream. I used ice cream straight from the freezer, and the dough was SO hard to work through! I ended up with some batter being doughy and some sludgy; it was very uneven. Will try that next time; I'm giving it a low rating because of the flawed instructions.

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Just Happy June 06, 2010

I can not believe how easy these were! I reduced the recipe by 1/3, to use equal amounts (1 cup each) of the ice cream and flour. I used a nice vanilla bean ice cream, and added about 1/2 tsp of vanilla, to up the flavor quotient! As made, this worked out to 12 mini muffin scones, to share with DS. He also loved them! No cream, though I used a little black cherry jam, for smearing purposes! Next time, I may use a little cream cheese! Thanks for sharing a wonderfully easy, tasty recipe, katew!

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alligirl January 30, 2012

Great! I cant wait to try different kinds of ice cream!

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Bexxx November 13, 2011

What a quick easy treat and a good way to use up leftover ice cream! I made as directed but next time will add nuts or fruit. These would make agood alternative to biscuits for strawberry shortbread.I made this for Best of 2010 Tag-thanks for a great recipe!

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Jociecee February 21, 2011

Thank you so much for sharing this incredible treat katew. We really enjoyed them. I used a really good quality vanilla bean ice cream. It was so good in the scones. I garnished with more vanilla bean ice cream and some strawberry jelly. What a decadent dessert it made. I loved how quick and easy these were to make and the texture was perfect. I'll be making these again on the weekend with my little guests. They will be so pleased with themselves. :)

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Baby Kato May 14, 2010

Wow, a great recipe katew!! The family love them when we make them and they taste just like normal scones, but better!! Thanx for the great recipe!

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Polly_Waffle_Kid April 23, 2010

Gosh...... Golly............... I don't believe it can be so simple! I used left over lite vanilla ice-cream and these were just so wonderful! Just the right sweetness, and all I can say is quick, easy and so superb! Maybe not as light and fluffy as normal scones,,,,,,,, but these scones are still brilliant! I am going to be making these a lot... just the thing for that ice-cream left in the bottom of the container that everyone refuses to eat!!! lol Easy peasy and so quick with a wonderful and tasty outcome! Brilliant recipe katew..... A big Thank You.

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Tisme April 14, 2010

I made a 1/3 recipe using some honeycomb ice-cream I had that was a bit crystallised and no good for eating on it's own. This is lovely & simple..and easily made from fridge & pantry staples...my kind of recipe..Thanks for posting!

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**Mandy** April 12, 2010

I loved the taste of these scones! They had the perfect sweetness for me and the slight hint of vanilla from the ice-cream was wonderful! I added in some dried cherries (~2 tbs) and 1/2 tbs of cinnamon chips, which was quite a yummy addition. I would luv to try other flavours, too such as chocolate chips or plain raisins. The texture of these scones was different from the ones I usually make, but also very enjoyable. The scones were dense and soft on the inside, with a very crunchy crust on top. I made half the recipe and ended up with 4 muffins, that didnt rise as much as I had thought they would. If I was to rate on taste and texture only these would be a 5+ stars, but I had some slight troubles with the preparation: I didnt know how the dough was supposed to be like when putting it into the muffin tins, but I assumed that it would be a thick dough due to the ice-cream melting later in the oven producing more liquid then. But when I added in the called for amount, I ended up with a crumbly mess. I then added in more ice-cream til the dough stuck together somewhat and that worked out well. I would have liked to know how the dough is supposed to be like, though. Apart from that and the 5 minutes more in the oven that the scones needed to get done, these were just perfect! I am planning on making them again soon! THANKS SO MUCH for sharing this easy and super tasty recipe with us, Kate! Made and reviewed for Everyday Is A Holiday Tag Game April 2010.

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Lalaloula April 11, 2010

OMG!!! Can this really be that easy and yet so tasty??? I made 1/3 of the recipe and still got 6 mini scones. I used vanilla ice cream and based on other review, I added some mini chocolate chips and to 3 of them I also added pecans!! 17 yo DS and I thoroughly enjoyed them this morning. Will be making these often, trying different flavors of ice cream. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. Made for Holiday Tag Game.

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diner524 March 03, 2010
Ice Cream Scones