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FANTASTIC!!!!!!! What a great combination and perfect for any occaision!!!! To make this healthier, I used frozen vanilla yogurt instead of ice cream and I used whole wheat bread too. However, to break my healthy streak, I severed mine with chocolate syrup, saskatoons, mini marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles! MMMMMM The thing that I liked best about this is how the frozen yogurt(in my case) half melted in between the slices of bread!!!! This was pretty had to spread the frozen yogurt onto the bread, so I used my fingers and flattened little bits of the yogurt working out to about 4 pieces per slice. This way the yogurt was spread throughout, but still semi frozen.(this probaly doesn't make sence, but I did my best!) Also, I think this could easily be made to fit anyones description as the possiblites are endless!!! Thanks very much for the recipe Huluhae!

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BestTeenChef September 24, 2006
Ice Cream Sandwiches