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This recipe successfully helped me destroy some perfectly good ice cream. I first tried it with vanilla thinking it would be pretty good, the taste however was not good at all I even used name brand ice cream. I fed that batch to the dogs. I then, being the optomistic person I am thought I would try it with a more flovorful ice cream, mint chip, my favorite. This batch was only slightly better and I could only force myself to eat one with a large amount of cool whip on top. So my advice is if you are looking to waste your time and ruin ice cream make this. No offense to the person who submitted this recipe.

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Tom Kelly June 26, 2002

Despite less than stellar reviews for this recipe, as posted by several different 'Zaar members, I thought it too interesting to not try for myself at least once. Well, all I can say is that I'm glad I halved the recipe. I used Mayfield Moose Tracks ice cream, thinking the swirls of chocolate and peanut butter cups would come through in the muffins, but they didn't. The muffins themselves were dense and flavorless, even with the addition of 1 tsp. of vanilla and a bit of sugar into the batter. Nobody liked them and we had to throw the rest of the batch away.

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coconutcream July 15, 2005

I just made these muffins and mixing by hand. and I agree with the review done that something was missing in the taste. I added 4 tbsp sugar and 2 tsp rum extract and still something was missing. Maybe a citrus flavoring would be better than the rum. It is easy to make, but a texture that is different from the regular muffins batter.

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Shar-on May 07, 2004

I agree with the first reviewer. The batter was not the usual muffin batter. This was too sticky and infact pretty difficult to handle if you used an electric mixer like I did to mix the ice cream and flour. You had little specs of flour and ice cream flying all over the kitchen countertop. The muffins were ready in 15 minutes. I baked at 200C. I used Fruit Salad ice-cream(the latest family favourite in this household!). Even though the muffins rose well, they didn't have much flavour(infact hardly any flavour at all). I drizzled some Hershey's Strawberry syrup on them and garnished with some chocolate shavings before serving alingside some pistachio ice-cream. I called it a "Cocktail dessert" to make it more interesting for the family to dig in. Flavourings, for sure, will improve this - probably some vanilla essence, some sugar(definitely), some maple syrup and other flavourings.

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Charishma_Ramchandani July 24, 2003

the batter was very sticky and made a lot of mess but it did produce nice fluffy muffins. i used chocolate ice-cream and they didnt have much flavour, maybe adding flavourings would improve it.

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pachyrachy July 22, 2003
ice cream muffins