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Too cute!! I've read many reviews and many recipes and found a couple of tricks that really work. Mini chocolate chips in the bottom of the cone help keep them from being too top heavy (plus makes for a sweet surprise at the bottom of the cone!). To bake I put a double layer of heavy duty foil over the top of a 9x13 cake pan and poked holes for the cones. I poked a fork in each towards the bottom after baking and didn't have any problem with chewy cones. And to transport I did the double layer of heavy duty foil in a disposable 9x13 foil pan with a lid. Didn't loose a single one in transport! This was a super easy and totally adorable treat for young and old alike! I will definitely make them again! Thanks for the recipe!

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B&B's Mommy May 01, 2010

To be honest with you, I can't rate these by taste- I made these for my young niece and her litte brother- but by looks, they were a 10++! I had a little problem with getting the batter to rise on its own out of the ice cream cone. Luckily, I only made 6 of these, and had made the rest into cupcakes. I ended up slicing off the top half of the cupcake, melting a wee bit of chocolate, and 'gluing' it onto the cone-cupcake with that. It worked perfectly. I also put the icing I was using into a sandwich bag, snipped off the end and piped it 'round the cupcake so that it had a perfect soft-serve look to it. I used colorful candy sprinkles, and finished with a maraschino cherry. Okay, so I'm outta the loop 'cause I don't have kids, but these are just the most adorable little things! Thanks for making somebody's birthday very, very special, Lennie!

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s'kat September 16, 2002

Very cute recipe. I have been wanting to make this recipe for a few years now. I used alot of the reviewers suggestions like this... I baked at 350 degress, I filled about 1/2, I wrapped the cones in foil so they wouldnt burn, and after they baked I poked the bottom of each cone so they wouldnt get soggy, thanks for all the suggestions they would like a charm, and thanks for the recipe.

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chef FIFI March 01, 2010

I used "Betty Crocker Super Moist White Cake", and regular (4.5g) ice cream cake cups, filled more like 2/3 full, baked in 350F for about 20-22 minutes. Made 24 cupcakes. I used a mini muffins (24) pan, lined every other cup with a mini muffins paper. Because of the paper, the ice cream cake cups fits snug and stood up perfectly! If you have 2 of those mini muffin pans, you should be able to bake just one batch. I also used the trick of poking a hole at the bottom to cool. For transporting, I was able to fit all 24 back in the mini muffin pan that lined with the paper I used earlier. I didn't ice the cakes; instead, I brought a can of whipped cream, and topped it off as I was handing out the cakes!

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tteeling July 16, 2009

i want one

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rebeccagenson November 21, 2011

I have made these many times and kids always love them. Instead of frosting, I dip them in melted chocolate or white chocolate chips and sprinkle them with jimmies or colored sprinkles. Once the chocolate hardens, they are no problem to transport.

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baler4 February 14, 2009

Reading the reviews for the ice-cream cone cupcakes gave me an idea for transportation of them. I was desperate for something so I took a empty cereal box taped ends. With a shot glass, trace circles on one side of the box. Make sure that you put 1 to 2 fingers width inbetween each circle. Then cut out circles with a utility knife. You should get about 9 circles on a 18oz box. Then place decorated cones in holes. Yea, easily transportation to go.

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cheryltastefully1 May 04, 2008

Made these as a birthday treat for my daughter's preschool class. Filling the cones about halfway made a small dome- next time I would fill them fuller. (My cones came 24 in a box.) I topped them with Swirled Icing for Cupcakes in blue & yellow. TO TRANSPORT: I definitely advise following the tip left by others of using a dot of icing on the bottom to help keep them upright. The first pan that I tried to move resulted in a mess- quite a few tipped over or fell on the floor. Once I used a dab of icing on the bottom, though, the problem was solved. I lined the cardboard tray from a case of Frappucino's with waxed paper, placed them inside, and then taped forks standing upright around the edges, and topped with press-n-seal wrap. It wasn't the prettiest solution, but, they made it to preschool without making a mess. :)

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AmyMCGS April 02, 2008

thank you for the recipe, but mine did not work out so well. the cupcakes never cooked and the cones burnt. I had committed to bringing these to a party, so i was pretty disappointed they didn't work out.

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bigwheels22 June 29, 2016

My husband came up with the idea of a rubber band grid on a baking pan? Works great for transport !

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Marie S. March 15, 2016
Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes