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I made a few minor changes to this recipe. I used a 1 gal bucket of ice cream, plain vanilla. Also, when I made the second oreo layer I added another 2 Tb of melted butter and 2 more shakes of turtle chocolate. I don't think you need to melt the ice cream, that might refreeze weird. I just emptied the ice cream it into a big bowl, let it soften while I washed out the ice cream bucket, then put the foil in the bucket and followed the recipe to get a circular cake. The softened ice cream, not melted, worked out fine.
Thanks for the recipe! Everyone liked it.

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Cher Oliver February 17, 2011

I love that you give exact amounts for the Oreo Cookies, I use milk instead of butter since one of my kids does not like butter. For the second layer, I add M&M's crushed along with the Oreo's. I also use a springform pan, I spray cooking spray then add parchment paper it makes it very easy to remove. On the top I don't use frosting just Oreo's and M&M's. I save a few Oreo's broken in 1/2 to place for decoration. Thanks again for the easy to follow recipe.!

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kathleengortz September 28, 2011
Ice Cream Cake