Ice Bowls

READY IN: 48hrs
Recipe by Sweetiebarbara

When the French Gospel Singers came to Staunton, we had an Ice Cream Social for them. One of the women taught me how to make an ice bowl for the ice cream. Today, I finished two bowls for the Menu #18393 . For the first one, I used two glass bowls. You have to be careful about "warming" up the bowls to take them apart... (you don't want to shock and crack them). For the second ice bowl, I used two nesting stainless steel bowls. The inner bowl warped on the bottom when water that I added went between the two bowls. It forced the inner bowl up from the bottom. Ice is strong!

Top Review by BillieJoeUtah

I used this ice bowl to put ice cream in for my sons birthday party. I made the ice bowl ahead of time then about 3 hrs. before the party I scooped out the ice cream into the bowl. When serving time came I just grabbed a scoop with some metal tongs I had and put a scoop on each piece of cake before serving. When all the ice cream was out of the bowl, I added some orange soda and then some scoops of vanilla ice cream for the kids to have an ice cold drink with their cake and ice cream. Worked like a charm!!!

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 14 cup crushed ice, plus
  • 14 cup crushed ice
  • 1 orange, very thinly sliced (or other citrus fruit and flowers that are relatively flat)
  • frozen peas, unopened bag (for weighting down inner bowl)


  1. You will also need: 2 nesting bowls, I use the largest I can.
  2. Place 1/4 cup crushed ice in the bottom of larger bowl.
  3. Place fruit slice over ice and put another 1/4 cup of ice over that.
  4. Place nesting bowl inside larger bowl and move to adjust it to the center as closely as you can.
  5. Put a small bag of frozen peas in smaller bowl.
  6. Tape the two bowls together in 3 places across the top.
  7. Add water to level slightly above bottom of inner bowl and freeze.
  8. Take out of freezer and add more decorations.
  9. Gently push thin fruit and/or flowers between the bowls.
  10. Sprinkle crushed ice between bowls to keep in place.
  11. Add more water and freeze again.
  12. Keep repeating Steps 8, 9, & 10 until you reach the top.
  13. After the bowl is frozen solid, remove from freezer and separate ice bowl from two bowls.
  14. Remove peas and tape and add warm water to smaller bowl, swirling around until bowl is lose enough to lift out.
  15. Remove smaller bowl and refreeze.
  16. When frozen solid again, remove bottom bowl in a similar fashion.
  17. When ice bowl is free, place back in freezer on top of plastic cling wrap, and cover lightly to protect.
  18. Let bowl freeze overnight or at least an hour before using.
  19. Place ice cream scoops for people to serve themselves, but keep in freezer until last minute to serve.
  20. Place bowl on "skid free" mat in a tray with a lip.
  21. Let guests serve themselves.

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