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Just a word of advice. Beware of Soy Cheese. Always read the labels. Some producers add Casein or Whey and still call it Soy Cheese.

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oishii86 October 03, 2009

Quick and easy recipe! Pretty tasty for a snack!

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Vinophile June 13, 2011

The DM and I have just enjoyed this as a light lunch. I split 3 English muffins (had 3 halves each). On mine I put pepperoni but on the DM's I put diced ham as she doesn't care for bity foods. I used cheddar cheese and put under the grill (broiler) as the oven was in use. With left over sauce I put it into icecubes tray compartments and froze and will transfer to a bag was frozen for later use on pizza or into soups or stews. Thank you balncpage for quick delicious lunch. Made for Recipe Swap #15 - April 2008.

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I'mPat April 08, 2008

Great little light lunch or snack! As you will be able to see by the photo , I used some black olives on mine , along with the pepperoni , pineapple (YUM I love pineapple on pizza!) , onion and cheese. I didn't use soy cheese as I don't have IBS and it's just not something we have in the house , but used a mix of a little Parmesan and a sharp cheddar. Tasty little buggers and will definitely make again, I think I might give the sour dough bread a try next time!! Cooked them at 450° the first go around , for approx. 9 minutes , then sprinkled the cheese and popped back into the reduced oven for about 5 minutes. My husband just had pepperoni , onion and cheese. He's not so adventurous in his pizza experiences! LOL Thanks for posting!!

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Marlene. March 22, 2008
Ibs-Friendly Pizzas English Muffin & Sourdough