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The dough recipe is standard, and it's good in texture. Though I would recommend boiling them for one minute per side. I am not quite sure why this recipe has received such high ratings, but I imagine it is because most of these are first-time bagel bakers. I have made bagels in the past using different recipes, and I have to say this is my least favorite. It's not bad. Again, as a recipe for bagel dough, it's perfect. But the topping situation doesn't work. The egg wash turns a dark brown and doesn't look (or taste) very appetizing. Not to mention, I found that because the bagels were hot from the oven, the egg wash dried almost immediately and none of the toppings would stick. Then when I toasted the bagels, the egg wash chipped off with all the toppings. I'd recommend another method for toppings, which is to have a bowl with all the toppings in it, and when you take the bagel from the boiling water, immediately drop them in the bowl, then take them out. It works much better. I also prefer to set the wet bagels on a drying rack before putting them on the cookie sheet, but it's probably not necessary. Overall, this recipe is good, but with modifications.

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rtd212 June 02, 2011

Great recipe! I love it, I didn't do the egg wash I just dropped them on a plate with my topping right out of the boiling water and then flipped them over and dropped them onto the cookie sheet with the cornmeal. They taste great!

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micheleranck October 30, 2011

Extraordinary! These were the best bagels i'd ever had. I added garlic to the dough and followed the other instructions. The topping did flake off and get a bit toastier then i liked. I'm making them again right now with chocolate chips and coconut flakes.

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lantonio04 December 30, 2012

Made the bagels this morning and nixed the egg wash like many of the other reviewers. I also included minced garlic and did not toast the onion prior to baking. The bagels came out great with lots of good flavor. Will definitely be doing again and will experiment with different flavors! :)

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LEGConn88 October 21, 2012

Easy to make! Delicious! I did not like the yolk wash, it flaked away and the flavor was a bit distracting. Instead, I brushed on melted butter and sugar and cinnamon. I also added a T of cinnamon to the dough and 1/2 cup raisins. I used olive oil and flax instead of corn meal (allergies).
They are soft and awesome! I cooked them for 15 min after brushing on the toppings.

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Mrs. K. Filipczak September 07, 2010

These are absolutely delicious! My husband absolutely is so excited to make more! No more store bought bagels for us! Thanks for posting!

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gotta_luv_jena May 10, 2010

These are wonderful, I did adjust the temp to 375 after 15 minutes, and they turned out beautifully.

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rmsings July 18, 2008

These are good, but I just couldn't quite give 5 stars. They are crunchy on the outside and soft/chewy inside. I would be sure to check after 15 minutes in the oven next time, as my got a little too cooked after 20 minutes. I also added 1/4 c. of frozen concentrated juice to add some flavor. Got 6 'normal' size bagels, although I probably used 3 1/2 c. flour. May make again.

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djafishfria July 16, 2008

Really yummy. My first ever bagels and they wer soft and delicious! Though, they did flatten out for some reason in the oven, but that's not really a problem. I made mini-bagels and cooked them for 15mins in a gas mark 6 oven and they did get a bit burnt, so beware if you are making mini's!

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angis June 12, 2008

I enjoyed making the bagels and it was a new recipe for me. I thought they turned out well. They were chewy inside and crisp on the outside. I used poppy seeds to top them. Thank you for sharing your recipe!

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Susie D April 14, 2007
I Swear I Made Them Myself Homemade Everything Bagels