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Wow, were these scones good. I loved them. I have never made scones that had applesauce in them before. These were terrific, the flavors and textures were outstanding. The flavors from the apple sauce, almond extract and strawberry jam, help to create a special treat. The crunch from the biscuit and the almond are a great touch. Garnishing these little treasures with icing sugar is the crowning glory. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe, which has gone into my Favorites Cookbook for 2014. Made for Spring Pac 2014.

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Baby Kato May 07, 2014

My first scone... Made for PRMR! Made these on valentines day and my wife loved them. Thanks for a great valentines day snack!!!

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nochlo February 16, 2014

I've never made scones before - these were delicious! I used strawberry preserves, and made most of them circles since they held more jam than the hearts :-) For ZWT8

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Random Rachel August 13, 2012

We've been making so many scones lately with buttermilk & heavy cream that the applesauce in this recipe was really appealing. We love almond flavoring but DD & DH are picky about seeing the whole almond in their food, so I used my mini-chopper to make them disappear. ;) I worked in a little extra flour so I could use a cookie cutter on them & I also used a heart-shaped measuring spoon to make the imprint, but it didn't hold the shape much during baking. I left the sugar as-is, but may increase it just a bit next time. However, the recipe is perfect as written. :) Thanks for posting, NwG! Made & enjoyed for ZWT-6 Team Xtra Hot Dishes!

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**Tinkerbell** June 24, 2010

FABULOUS! I have tried making scones before--and haven't had much success :-). This batter was quite easy to mix up & I loved the sliced almonds in there. I do agree they're not super sweet, but w/ the jam in the center, I think more sugar would be over-kill! I have made these a few times & have been learning how to make the hole & put the jam in there. I didn't do the heart shaped option since I was focusing so much on making the recipe work! I used a tbsp measuring spoon to "dig" the hole & found that making it wide AND deep would hold the jam well, w/o it spilling over (which was a problem for me at first. And I used about 1 tsp of sugar free strawberry preserves). I thought 400 was a bit high (they baked rather fast; 8 min) so I tried 350 for about 10-12 min, which worked better. A little powdered sugar dusting helps if you have a sweeter tooth. Thanks so much for sharing!

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LUVMY2BOYS May 21, 2014

Excellent scones that rise high, have a great flakey and soft texture and a lovely taste. Mmmm! The presenation is so cute and actually quite easy to achieve. I didnt really think you could form pretty hearts using your fingers, but it worked out really well and the jam stayed in the centre nicely. I made these on Sunday with my sister as a treat and had to make a few subs due to what was/was not on hand. I used a flax egg and part whole spelt flour, left out the sugar and added desiccated coconut in place of the almond flakes. That worked out nicely and my scones were hearty, sweet, yummy and very pretty (at least so I thought, lol).
I will certainly make these again and again, they are so easy to make and the perfect little thing to make for someone special.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing a winner with us, hon!
Made and reviewed for the Romance Event in the Photo Forum February 2012.

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Lalaloula February 15, 2012

What fabulous little darlings of scones!!! :D These really are scrumptious. I chose to make them for both Father's Day and my brother's end-of-grade-ten treat. They are a big hit here! I used flaxseed and soymilk to replace the egg and milk, making them vegan; I also subbed oil for the butter (it didn't seem to harm the texture as I feared). May I mention they're *great* with whole-wheat pastry flour? Finally, I baked them on parchment paper, which was a good thing, as I seem to have been a little overzealous in the application of jam! These will be on the breakfast or brunch table many more times. Thanks, Northwestgal, for a chuffing bit of chow from Britain! Made for ZWT 6.

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White Rose Child June 20, 2010
I-Love-You Scones