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So... it took me 45 minutes to prep it, not 15. But it was totally worth it. I did use wine. It is amazing! I have NEVER cooked with Eggplant before and was very concerned it would be rubbery... But it really isn't. I ate it up. Thanks!

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THISJESS March 28, 2012

This was such a delicious recipe! We are trying to cut down on carbs and eat more vegetables in this house. My boyfriend, and even my Asian Grandma (who thinks noodles are the meaning to life) gobbled it up!
We didn't add red wine because we didn't have any, and I forgot to put foil on. When the lasagna came out it looked a little burnt on top, but it just turned the top layer of eggplant into a crispy cheesy 'eggplant toast' for a top layer.
The sauce I used was a little too watery however, so I would definitely recommend thickening your meat sauce with tomato paste or cornstarch prior to putting it on the layers.

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chanlokla_9450316 November 30, 2011

I didn't follow the recipe exactly--I used the cheese mixture from my favorite recipe for regular lasagna, and cheated with store bought sauce. It tasted great, and even my hubby and 4-year-old wanted seconds. The eggplant was a decent substitute for noodles, but were a little hard to cut through without destroying the whole thing. By the time we got our servings out of the pan, it looked like a train wreck...you'd definitely want to think twice before serving this dish to company, unless you're not trying to impress them with the presentation. If not for the sloppiness factor, I would have given 5 stars.

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LadyAngel1124 October 12, 2011

This was yummy! Hubby asked me where the noodles were, but once he tasted it it didn't seem to deter him a bit from gobbling it up.

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Jade #3 August 06, 2011

So good!

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kcool29 July 11, 2011

Awesome! I used hot Italian sausage, so skipped the opt. fennel and red pepper flakes (if you're using ground beef I would definitely use these for flavor!). I also used crushed tomatoes instead of the sauce since I had it on hand. I coarsely chopped some fresh spinach as opposed to the frozen. The wine was a wonderful addition that I wouldn't want to omit, but made for a rather soupy sauce, so next time I would add a can of tomato paste...don't think that it would have made much of a difference had I used tom. sauce instead of the crushed tom. This is definitely a keeper and I would encourage anyone to give it a try. Don't let people know that it's eggplant if they have an aversion to it...they'll never be able to tell!

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busywifeandmom June 17, 2011

I made this for a dinner party where one of my friends is gluten-free and it was delicious! Even my husband, who at first turned his nose up at the idea of eggplant lasagna, loved it and told me I could make it again anytime. I followed the recipe and used ground turkey as the meat, and while it was great, I may try using Italian Sausage next time (since we are not gluten-free). Thanks for posting!

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Cucina de Liz October 10, 2010

This recipe is amazingly wonderful! I used reconstituted shitake mushrooms and used the soaking liquid in lieu of the wine. The tomatoes were vine ripened fresh tomatoes. I love the vegetable packed dish. The recipe made a 9x9 inch pan as well as a small loaf pan. DH and I enjoyed the smaller dish and the 9x9 inch pan will go into the freezer for later.

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PaulaG October 03, 2010

I had some eggplant from my garden, a couple roma tomatoes, a pound of ground buffalo, and some cottage cheese (which I subbed for the ricotta) that all needed to be used and this recipe fit the bill perfectly! To make sure it wasn't watery I used dehydrated spinach and bell peppers instead of fresh to absorb the extra liquid. I also made it in the morning to allow the flavors to meld then pulled it out of the fridge a half hour before baking it just to take the chill off the dish. It was wonderful! I thought about using a jarred sauce to save time, but I'm so glad I didn't...the sauce was awesome and I will use it for other pasta dishes! By the way, I DID use the red pepper flakes. If you're concerned about it being spicy, don't be...it adds another layer of flavor and is not spicy at all. This might just replace regular lasagna at my house! Thanks!

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Pickles McGee September 22, 2010

This was fantastic & as others have mentioned, even better the next day. I received an eggplant in my CSA, however I don't really care for them. The eggplant picks up all the flavors of the spices, tomatoes, etc. so you don't taste it at all. I omited the fennel as I didn't have any on hand, used 1 TB each of fresh Basil, Oregano & Thyme for the other spices, meatball mix (lamb, pork, beef) for the meat and an additional 1/2 cup or so of colby jack cheese too. I also halved the recipe and it turned out perfectly. Excellent, I will be buying eggplant just so I can make this again.

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runningwild69 September 13, 2010
I Lost My Noodles! Low Carb/South Beach Eggplant Lasagna