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I have been making lasagna with eggplant noodles for years. Some recommendations. Make your own sauce with roma tomatoes - it is more economical, there is no added sugar and it tastes so much better. If you invest in a food mill, you don't have to deseed or peel the tomatoes by hand, it is a cinch! I make a batch of sauce once a month and freeze it. Also, there is no need to slice the eggplant lengthwise, it works just as well to cut it into circles, it is faster and much easier to keep a uniform slice width that way. I also put a strip of parchment paper under the tin foil so the cheese doesn't stick (I have lost the entire top layer of cheese before:). Also, it works fine as a vegetarian dish and also without ricotta if you want to simplify it to a "baked eggplant parmesan," which is my most frequent rendition of this dish (with the add of a bit of capers and diced calamata olives - yum).

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Jerusha B. July 07, 2015

Excellent! I used a mandolin to slice the eggplant. I used my own sauce. Didn't miss the lasagna noodles. I will make this again.

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Keschef January 30, 2014

Super good! need a realty deep pan my regular glass pan was to shallow.

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itorjussen November 11, 2013

The prep time is lengthy but well worth the time. EXCELLENT!!! taste and texture is amazing

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Toni V. October 29, 2013

This was a great recipe! I had eggplant, shrooms, ricotta, and red wine that I didn't care for that all needed using so this recipe was the perfect fit for my needs. The only modification that we made was to use Field Roast Italian sausages (vegetarian) to make this a meatless meal. This worked out perfectly. I used Paul Newman marinara sauce for the sauce and this also worked out well. Leftovers were also really good today. Thanks for posting!

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Dr. Jenny September 08, 2013

This was terrible - had to throw it out.

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Phyllis C. September 02, 2013

Looking for new eggplant recipes. Found this and fixed it for family, excellent dish. Got raves from all, especially my gluten free in-law. Added more garlic, of course. Great recipe!

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brownstone gal August 18, 2013

I probably shouldn't review this since I omitted the spinach, wine and mushrooms and used my own meat sauce, which is very similar to this (I use fennel too), but just wanted to endorse the use of eggplant in place of noodles. I thought my husband and son would balk at this, but my 22yo said he preferred this to regular lasagne. He ate a huge helping last night and finished off the leftovers this morning.

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Caryltoo May 29, 2013

I loved this recipe! I changed a to shredded beef used green bell pepper and left out the onion but still was the most relish lasagna I have ever made! My husband loved it as well and didn't even notice the eggplant instead of pasta! This lasagna does not taste diet or low carb you feel like you are eating your fave comfort food, yet it's healthier!

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Gaia2021 February 21, 2013

i know it's annoying when people rate things when they've modified the recipe, however i think the core recipe here is very good.--it gave me direction. I did make some changes, mostly for ease --i realize now i probably didn't save much time, ....BUT i'd still make it again my way because it was so good.

I used this for the sauce:
1/2 jar of Classico italian sausage plus 1 jar of Barilla tomato and basil. I also added a good glug of two of red wine (mark west Pinot, sorry i don't measure!), and a little bit of fennel because i love the flavor and red pepper flakes. (there were seasonings in the premade sauce so i didn't need to add much, so i didn't use onion/garlic/fresh red pepper or italian seasonings outlined in original recipe).

in a separate pan i used 1 package of lean ground turkey (jennie-o 93%/7%). After i cooked it in a skillet, it i added a bunch of FRESH (not frozen) spinach and then 1 package of sliced mushrooms and then added that mixture to the red sauce.

I salted the eggplant and let it sit for an hour or so (salt one side at a time) and then pushed a paper towel down on it to get rid of as much water as possible. I cooked for 7 minutes each side. It's hard to slice thin (without some professional gadget) but i tried to cut as thin as possible so that it would not be chewy

i misread the directions for the cheese mixture and just all the ingredients in together so it was kinda clumpy, but it worked fine and saved a few steps! (i had 2 layers of this mixture. Just plop on top of each eggplant and then spread it out to cover. (i also doubled the green onions.)

TOTALLY forgot to take a picture--it went fast. It filled up a 9x11 glass dish. I think this will be a regular meal around here. My husband ate his as is. I added mine to some curly pasta and it was sooooooooo good! (he's the carb-watching diabetic! :-)

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debmac! January 31, 2013
I Lost My Noodles! Low Carb/South Beach Eggplant Lasagna