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This was very good. The veleveeta melts very creamily (I would never have thought to put velveeta in a lasagna!) and although I like ricotta in my lasagna, this was a great recipe for us because I wanted lasagana but we are out of ricotta! So easy too because you don't have to cook the noodles first. Thanks for a great idea!

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SaraFish June 02, 2002

My sons do not care for ricotta - so I was glad to find a good recipe that was cheesy and tasty. I didn't have velveeta, so I used some shredded 4 cheese instead. It came out delicious! Thanks.

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NOLAinBlairsville December 13, 2010

I made this for our Sunday family dinner, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. The Velveeta seemed a bit rich in this Lasagna, but other than that, my family thought this was very good, and I look forward to making it again.

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D. Baker March 23, 2009

Since 2003 I have made this lasagna again, and I felt I needed to edit my last review of this recipe. I pretty much followed the recipe, but when it came to the no-boil noodles, I had to use 2 different kinds, a few of the long kind, and a few of the shorter but wider noodles, cuz that's what I had on hand, and when weighed, I actually found I had (9 ounces) that were required for this recipe. The diced tomatoes I used in this recipe were, Italian diced tomatoes, (which already had basil, garlic, and oregano in it) and the canned spaghetti sauce I used was, a (26 ounce) can of Hunt's Garlic & Herb Spaghetti Sauce. When adding the meat with the sauce to the 9x13" pan, I still had to add 1/3 of the sauce to it, as the 1/2 cup of the meat sauce just wasn't enough. Even tho I sliced my Velveeta very thin, I found I could only get 3 slices ontop of each lasagna noodle. When adding the parmesan cheese and the mozzarella, I used 4 Tablesp. of the parmesan, and (6 ounces) of the mozzarella. Note: The next time I decide to make this lasagna, I may just add 1-1/4 lbs of the ground beef, as I like abit more meat in my lasgana, and I found that this lasagna actually had more than enough sauce for me to add a bit more meat. Again Tara, thank-you for the recipe, I will definately be making this lasagna again in the near future.

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Domestic Goddess March 11, 2009

My family and I happen to LOVE ricotta, but I didn't have any. We didn't miss it at all in this recipe. I used 1 1/2 lbs of extra lean ground beef. The only change I made was to sprinkle some parmesan and mozzarella over each layer of Velveeta in addition to sprinkling them on top; just wouldn't have been cheesey enough for us otherwise. ;) The cheesier the better! My italian spices were oregano and basil; I was pretty generous with them. Thanx for sharing this. It's terrific, and much easier than "traditional" ricotta-style. I'll use this recipe again!

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*Parsley* July 10, 2007

It is Very Very Good! But it tastes better w/ a little ricotta cheese.

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Amir McManus December 05, 2002
I Hate Ricotta Lasagna W/Meat Sauce and 3 Cheeses