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Well, I certainly DID feel like cooking last night, and this recipe was just what I was looking for! I made my own mushroom sauce since I didn't want to add any dairy to the meal. I also made up a cornbread mix because that stuff isn't available in my corner of the world. I was totally stressed out yesterday, need to do some cooking, and also needed some kind of comfort food for the family. Even my picky eaters had a helping! I upped the quantities to feed 6, and my only complaint is that there wasn't enough left over to bring in for lunch today. Diamonds4heather, this really fit the bill, thanks so much for posting this recipe!

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Mirj April 10, 2002

This is just so quick and easy to make! It's a great mixture of flavors. My husband declared "we'll make this one a regular"! I used ground turkey and frozen mixed vegetables. Added a spinach salad and dinner was done! Thanks, Heather, this is one that will get a lot of use!!

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MizzNezz August 02, 2002

Another success story. This is fabulous recipe that is fast and delicious. The husband and kids loved this one too! The cornbread is a big hit with the kids, it's crunchy and kinda of sweet, a perfect combination. Thank you diamonds4heather for another wonderful receipe.

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Mira Lisbon April 16, 2002

Mercy, what a top notch mixture of tastes and textures. I found this very filling and not too much work. I came home last night dead on my feet but that doesn't stop the little monsters from screaming for dinner. This slipped into the oven rapidly and everyone was pleased. I think I will make this for the ladies bridge group meeting at my house next month. Thanks for posting this winner!

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Borson Bendick May 23, 2002

This was great!! I put it all together when I got home from work in no time. There were no leftovers to have today. I used peas when I made this, next time I'll try broccoli. This really reminded me of a potpie. So simple to make and quick.

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Shari2 July 17, 2002

I don't know how I felt about this casserole. We ended up throwing a lot of it out. I made my own cornbread and used a different cream soup because nobody in my house likes mushrooms . . . I don't know there was something off about the taste for us but to each their own. Sorry.

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ktenille November 04, 2008
"I Don't Feel Like Cooking Tonight" Casserole