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There are much better tofu cheesecake recipes out there. Growing up vegetarian (mostly vegan), I grew up eating tofu cheesecake. The almond extract, in the amount called for by this recipe, completely ruins the flavor. I can barely taste the lemon and I used a pre-made graham cracker crust that had no almond extract in it! I can't imagine how horrible it would have been if I had actually made the crust with another 1/2 tsp of almond extract. Yuck.

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Veg-Chef July 22, 2009

This turned out to have the perfect texture and was so easy to make! I made it with about half as much tahini and substituted a lot of vanilla extract in place of the almond extract. The flavor was wonderful and very lemony (I used the juice from one full lemon). It was perfect served with raspberry jam on top.

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sszz June 17, 2009

Instructions were easy to follow and the flavor was very good. I baked it for half an hour (as per instrucitons) but cake never got lightly browned so I kept baking for a full hour. The crust was a bit hard in some places and the cake had cracks, probably form the over baking, but the flavor was great. So just bake it for the 30 minutes it says, regardless of the color. I'd also double the amounts for the filling as in my cake the filling was as thick as the crust, and I'd like it better if the filling was thicker than the crust. A very nice and fresh alternative to an old time favorite. Thanks for sharing, Adriana

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Adriana in Mexico City April 12, 2004

I used less than half of the almond extract, and loved it. Thanks Veg-Chef for warning about that, and thanks rsarahl for the awesome recipe!

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GreenTreesVeg April 05, 2013

This was sooo good. It had the texture of cheesecake when I ate it the next day ((i recommend letting it sit overnight before eating). I doubled all the pie ingredients, but omitted tahini and added half a pack of gelatin because it looked a little too runny and I was scared it wasn't going to set. I also sprinkled the top with shredded coconut. Will definately make again, thanks so much!

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analog kid April 19, 2009

It tasted good, but like tahini. Cheesecake shouldn't taste like sesame so I would recommend putting in less tahini than it says or none at all. The first day, it tasted a lot like tahini, but the following day, after sitting in the fridge all night, it tasted really good--probably because it was colder (the previous night, I had only had it in the fridge for 2 hours). So i would recommend allowing for ample refrigeration time.

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babymk_246 November 10, 2008

I was really quite surprised by how well this turned out! I LOVE cheesecake, but wanted a healthier alternative then 30+ grams of fat per slice! I was a bit skeptical, but gave it a go, adding a bit more lemon juice then called for, zest of 1 lemon, and used 1/2 cup sugar. I didn't have any tahini so I put in 2 tablespoons sour cream. I baked it in a water bath and 30 mins is about right for time. Strangely enough the 1st bite didn't really "wow" me, but I REALLY want to give it a chance and like this, so I took another bite or two and it just got better and better! Next time I make this I'll add just a *small* amount of cream cheese and I think it would be perfect!

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roweena March 08, 2008

This is beyond delicious! Oh, Wow! Day 3 it really developed it taste! I was in heaven!!! And NOT 34g fat per piece! I love you for this! A tip, add upto 1 tbsp more of lemon, and I also added in 1/6 C. of extra white sugar (I don't think I would have enjoyed this w/out the added lemon and extra sugar...), use Mori-Nu brand tofu "extra firm" silken tofu 1 & 1/2 pks (or use half reg. "firm" half "extra firm" silken tofu). I used 1 and a 1/2 cups gf graham crakers crumbs (gluten-free cookbook) that are naturally gf, eggfree, milkfree, and vegan... and used 3 tbsp maple syrup. Def, use real maple syrup, it really brings out the flavor and contrast btw crust and cake. Add fresh honey soaked strawberries!!! I don't add them on top to store in the fridge, bc it can make it "mushy". So we add it on right b4 serving. Next time, I will post an amazing picture for you! And yes, the top cracked all over when I took in OUT of the oven, but it was so decadent and rich It made up for it. THE TEXTURE WAS MY FAVORITE CHEESECAKE!!! I cut it in little squares to hide the cracks. Not a big deal. Flavor made up for it. You could always put it in a pan of water like a traditional cheesecake to see if it helps, if this type of thing bothers you.

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Barbiedoll682002 June 10, 2007
"i Don't Believe It's...." Lemon Tofu Cheesecake!