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I made these for our dinner tonight and they have been cooking for an hour and a half and the rice will not cook. My pepers are average size. I followed your directions to the T. Also your directions don't say anything about the egg and water. Totally ticked that I spent all that time and money making stuffed peppers with dried up beef and with hard bits of rice in it.

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Jacque mamma of 2 September 14, 2009

I haven't made this recipe but in an effort to help out future testers - I'm not sure why anyone would put raw rice in - you really ought to cook your rice separately first. Trying to cook rice in anything other than boiling water is just not logical. So I'm going to assume the rest of the recipe is decent and try to save the star rating but with the caveat to use COOKED rice and just add it in to the mix at the end.

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JoyofCookingfor4 January 08, 2015
"i Coulda Had a Stuffed Pepper" Stuffed Peppers