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I surely don't want to loose weight with this, but as my strange metabolism needs fuel all three hours never mind what I've eaten before, I thought this could be a good idea for my vacations when I'm plannning to walk in the mountains a lot. So I made this today, and when it was cooled, I was really hungry and tried it. As I spread it a bit too thinly I got about 70 2x2 inch squares of which I ate eight for lunch. That was at 2 pm - now it's half past five pm and I'm still so full that I can't even imagine wanting to eat something! Great stuff, I don't think I'll ever get desperate again during a 6 hour walk :D

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Mia in Germany September 11, 2009

This recipes works very well. I have tried quite a few times, and determined that there are factors will depend on its coming out well. First, higher elevation makes a difference. Add a little more water, and possibly some more or less 'cook' time. Second, spray the pan before you pour the batter. Otherwise as it drys it will stick to the pan. Third, the lowest setting on my oven was 170F, so I had to dry it for 1.5 hours on that setting, and it was just fine. Other than that, I highly recommend this - and I really was full after eating about 2-3 pieces.

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indigocrystalkid January 31, 2009
Hunza Bread