Hunter Sauce

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Total Time
15 mins
15 mins

Use for chicken chasseur, jaegerschnitzel, etc.

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  1. Saute bacon in 1 tablespoons olive oil until golden brown.
  2. remove bacon to a bowl and saute onion in drippings until soft.
  3. remove to bowl with bacon.
  4. saute mushrooms in remaining 2 tablespoons olive oil.
  5. return bacon and onions to skillet.
  6. add tomato paste, thyme, salt, pepper, and paprika.
  7. stir until tomato paste is dissolved.
  8. add wine and reduce over medium heat for 5 minutes.
  9. add beef broth and reduce over medium heat for 10 minutes.
  10. stir in creme fraiche and parsley until heated through.
  11. spoon over sauteed chicken breasts or veal/pork scallopine.