Hungry Girl Pepperoni Pizza Scramble

Total Time
2 mins
5 mins

From the HG Cookbook 200 under 200. This cookbook has an amazing collection of recipes that are all under 200 calories. This is one that immediately caught my eye! Hope you enjoy it! From HG - entire scramble has 173 calories, 2.5g fat, 7.5g carbs & 3g sugars (this is if you choose to use the turkey pepperoni)

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  1. Bring a pan sprayed with nonstick spray to a medium heat. Add egg substitute and turkey pepperoni and scramble as you would ordinary eggs.
  2. Add salt, oregano, garlic powder and black pepper. Once scramble begins to look solid after about 1 minute, add drained tomatoes.
  3. Scramble for another 30 seconds or so and then add mozzarella cheese and reduce heat to low and cover pan.
  4. Let cook for another 30 seconds or until cheese melts.