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WOW! Hokey Kokey! This is a great little recipe that I will keep and use for the future! I did make a few subs, mainly due to regional differences and the inability to obtain certain ingredients; fat-free egg substitute was one of them! So, I used fresh free range eggs, whisked them up, and used 2 whole eggs for 4 little bakes. I also had to use real bacon, no turkey bacon in France! Laughing cow cheese was a doddle to get, as it is French, as was low-fat Cheddar cheese slices. I made TWO each for a late brunch and served them with extra creamed spinach. I also made them in a Yorkshire Pudding tin, which was great for nice shaped little patties, see the photos. A totally wonderful recipe which was easily adapted to local ingredients, and one that I shall be using again and again! Thanks darlink! Made for the One Pot Wonders event in the Photos forum, November 200. FT:-)

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French Tart November 24, 2009

This is great! The hardest part is removing the stems of the spinach and making sure you have the right size dish! I multiplied this times 4 for company and we all enjoyed it. I did add sauteed fresh mushrooms with the spinach. I also used shredded 2% cheddar instead of the fat free American cheese and 1 slice per serving center cut bacon instead of the turkey bacon since that is what I had on hand. Since I made it in baking dishes that held 2 servings each, we cooked them for about 15 minutes longer to be sure they were done through the middle, but that is to be expected when increasing a recipe such as this. Very, very tasty with a beautiful presentation and low in calories to boot. What's not to love? Might be good with good quality low fat ham instead of the bacon as well. This recipe will go into my box for regular favorites! Thanks for sharing Hokies! Next time I make it, I'll take a picture!
***update*** I have been making this at least twice a week lately. I often add mushrooms with the spinach and sometimes use Egg Beaters, sometimes egg whites (3 seem to generally equal 1/2 cup). I may try using some chopped onion next time. This is so good and easy and a great filling breakfast that isn't fattening! Finally added some pictures!!!

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DeniseBC March 04, 2013

I made the full recipe and it fed 2 of us quite nicely thank you. I used fresh baby silverbeet cut fresh this morning from the garden, washed and lightly steamed in the electric steamer and put into a lightly oiled 6 1/4" square corning dish, cooked up 2 small pieces of extra lean bacon, used a wedge of the Laughing Cow Cheese (would use 2 next time) and nice sharp cheddar and 2 eggs with a splash of low fat milk (would use 3 next time) for two of us. Baked in 180C fan forced oven for 25 minutes for a very enjoyable breakfast for the DM and myself. Thank you HokiesLady, made for Almost % tag game.

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I'mPat September 29, 2011

Quick, easy, and delicious! I made it exactly as posted. I think I'll half the recipe next time, as I felt it was too much for one serving. But definitely delicious!

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breezermom April 04, 2010

This is wonderful! I did use a low-fat regular bacon since I don't care for the turkey bacon. Other than that, I made exactly as stated. It is really good and hits the spot on a cold morning. Thanks for sharing!

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Lainey6605 January 16, 2010
Hungry Girl Breakfast Bake