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This is straight out of the Jeff Smith Frugal Gourmet Immigrant Ancestors cook book.If you follow this exactly you cannot go wrong.The only thing different is that I spread the extra cabbage leaves over everything to keep the moisture in!

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Chef Mit That's Tim January 31, 2008

Recipe looks good but is incomplete. What happens after you form the cabbage rolls. Your instructions just stop, no information on how to cook.

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nina22541 January 01, 2014

loving this recipe! been in my family for many many years. . though i didn't impliment the Pork butt this time around, i did however enhance aromatic's with Balsamic Vinegar during the blanching of the cabbage. .and also infused about 1 1/2 cups of Feta cheese into the 50/50 (lean ground beef and pork roll sausage) mixture. . Also about 1 cup of white wine in the sauce before adding to all the main components. Turned out like a little bit of Heaven. . thank you for the Publishment. . hope to see more great recipes from this feed!

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RobsFiveStar February 07, 2013
Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage Rolls